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The Event Planning Questionnaire

Event Planning Questionnaire What is the goal of the event? Who is the audience? 
How many people are you inviting? 
How many do you expect to attend? 
How will your audience benefit from attending the event? 
What promotional vehicles (invitation, flyers, e-mail, etc.) will work best to
inform your audience about the event? 
What kinds of […]

How To Promote Your Fundraiser

Marketing Strategy Before you begin to plan your marketing strategy, you need to determine your marketing or advertising budget. Some campaigns can be built around a no-cost budget where all the advertising is donated (this of course is optimal), while others with more money can utilize multiple marketing platforms. Once you determine your budget, clearly […]

Selecting a Speaker for a Fundraiser

Depending on the type of fundraising event you choose, the right speaker could provide the motivation and excitement needed to bring in the donations and meet your goals.   Look for someone with experience as a keynote speaker. Make sure they have a captivating and clear voice, good posture Interview professional motivational speakers Someone who […]

Fundraising Budgets – All You Need To Know

Budgeting Tips Summary: Organizing and executing a successful fundraiser can be a daunting task for any organization. However, once you’ve identified the amount you need to raise and who your target contributors are, you can then put a budget in place to ensure your expenses don’t outweigh your income. There is no single formula for […]

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