Selecting a Speaker for a Fundraiser

Depending on the type of fundraising event you choose, the right speaker could provide the motivation and excitement needed to bring in the donations and meet your goals.



  • Look for someone with experience as a keynote speaker.
  • Make sure they have a captivating and clear voice, good posture
  • Interview professional motivational speakers
  • Someone who has a backstory related to the fundraiser
  • Someone who understands the subject matter involved
  • Motivates and engages the crowd without being overbearing
  • Sincerity and conviction regarding the subject of the fundraiser
  • Speaking needs to be memorized and fluent – no scripts


Finding a Keynote Speaker

Macmillan Speakers is a keynote speakers bureau providing thought-provoking authors and subject experts for all types of events and which meet your audience and budget needs. Professional speaking consultants are happy to help you begin your speaker selection and answer your questions.


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