Kate Mangino
Gender Expert, Social Change Advocate

Kate Mangino, PhD is a gender expert and professional facilitator who works with international non-profit organizations to promote positive social change. During her 20+ year career she has trained thousands of participants in over 20 countries on issues such as: gender equality, women’s empowerment and healthy masculinity. Kate has extensive experience communicating effectively across cultural, age, and gender categories. As a professional facilitator she excels in engaging with her audience to impart a specific message.

She brought her background in gender and social change to her debut book,  Equal Partners , which focuses on gender inequality in the United States and how everyone benefits when we move closer to parity at work and at home. Readers of Equal Partners appreciate that the book explores concrete actions we can each take to support gender equality and begin to collectively re-write gender norms.

Kate finds that most clients like her to end her remarks on a “call to action.” Gender inequality can feel like an insurmountable problem; especially when policy initiatives have stalled at the federal level. But humans still need (and want) hope. And there is hope – we each have agency to make some changes in our life to improve gender equality for all. Kate likes to therefore end her presentations by walking audiences through some ideas on how to initiate change in their own home or personal life.

Kate is happy to tailor her presentation to meet each group’s specific interests. For example, Care.com asked Kate to discuss how we can “de-gender caregiving” with a focus on all household caregiving responsibilities: child care, elder care, caring for the sick, and self-care. After framing the challenges of household gender inequality, Doximity asked her to focus on recommendations for the following groups of participants: parents, grandparents, non-parents, and future parents

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Equal PartnersImproving Gender Equality at Home
St. Martin’s Press

From gender expert and professional facilitator Kate Mangino comes Equal Partners, an informed guide about how we can all collectively work to undo harmful gender norms and create greater household equity.

Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equality at Home Gender and household parity; how to support gender equality in your personal life and in your community;

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“[Kate’s presentation] was FANTASTIC. The content was great, no doubt, but it's KATE who is the secret sauce; her calm, collected, kind and empathetic way of communicating really connects with the audience. THANK YOU!”
— Doximity attendee, July 2022

“I just loved hearing her stories and experiences on gender. I loved the story on her and her husband trying to navigate her school and her husband navigating getting the promotion. I thought that story was super insightful.”
— Doximity attendee, July 2022

“I was familiar of gender roles but I never really thought of how the added time of women role chores is substantially larger than men role chores and how that can impact women. The concept of cognitive labor was also very eye opening because it had been a frustration for me where I'd want someone to be able to act independently instead of them happily obliging to a request that I need to think of. It makes much more sense now and I'm happy to be able to associate a term to it.”
— Doximity attendee, July 2022