Jennifer Finney Boylan
Author, Professor & New York Times Columnist

Jennifer Finney Boylan is the inaugural Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence and Professor of English at Barnard College of Columbia University.  She is the author of 16 books, including She’s Not There, the first bestselling work by a transgender American.  Her column appears on the op/ed page of the New York Times on alternate Wednesdays. The former chair of the board of the LGBTQ advocacy nonprofit GLAAD, she was a cast member of I Am Cait, as well as a consultant for Transparent.  Her new book, Good Boy, is a memoir of her pre-transition life as a boy and a young man, as reflected in the seven dogs she owned during seven stages of her life.


Jenny has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show four times; she has twice been a guest on the Today Show and on Larry King Live. A frequent guest on news shows, she is also the subject of a documentary on the History Channel. She has spoken at hundreds of colleges and universities over the last twenty years, including Yale, Cornell, Harvard, Wesleyan, Amherst, Brandeis, Duke, Vanderbilt, many University of California campuses, and Grinnell. She has also spoken widely to corporate clients, including the Richmond Human Resources Management Council, the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania; Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, the National Space and Aeronautics Administration, and the District Attorney’s Office of New York City.

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Good BoyMy Life in Seven Dogs
Celadon Books

From bestselling author of She’s Not There, New York Times opinion columnist, and human rights activist Jennifer Finney Boylan, Good Boy: My Life in Seven Dogs, a memoir of the transformative power of loving dogs.

She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders Jennifer Boylan is the author of the first bestselling work by a transgender American. A professor at Barnard College of Columbia University, former chair of the board of GLAAD, and a Contributing Opinion Writer for the New York Times, Jenny Boylan is "the sunny face of the transgender movement." In this talk, she discusses the diversity of transgender identities and provides strategies to provide understanding and support. This talk is not just about LGBTQ people; it's about all of us, and all the ways in which embracing diversity enables us to live richer lives.
Gender and Resistance Jennifer Boylan, author, activist, and professor, examines the current moment in the struggle for equality—for LGBTQ people; for disabled people; for anyone who seems "different" in our current culture. The former chair of the board of GLAAD, Boylan has witnessed firsthand two decades of progress and struggle for the queer rights movement. With humor, compassion, and fierceness, Boylan gives her listeners understanding, inspiration, and solace.
A Twist in Your Plot: On Revision and Invention Jennifer Boylan, bestselling writer and transgender activist, has been a professional writer for 30 years. Author of 16 books, she discusses how revision is not only a vital strategy for writers of fiction and nonfiction; it's also a method for living your best life. With humor, compassion, and wisdom, Boylan encourages her listeners to create and re-invent themselves so that they may become "their own best draft."

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