Dax-Devlon Ross

Author, Journalist, Social Impact and Equity Consultant

Dax-Devlon Ross is the author of six books and his journalism has been featured in Time, The Guardian, The New York Times, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Washington Post Magazine and other national publications. He won the National Association of Black Journalists’ Investigative Reporting Award for his coverage of jury exclusion in North Carolina courts and is currently a Puffin Writing Fellow at Type Media Center.

His most recent book Letters to My White Male Friends, published by St. Martin’s Press in June 2021, is a call to action and a reflection on race. Dax details how racism has harmed Black people for generations but has also hurt white people by robbing their lives of fullness and meaningful relationships.

From meaningful discussions with leading business executives, media interviews and keynotes at summits and conferences, Dax has the unique ability to connect with his audiences from a place of empathy and distill information that helps individuals, organizations and institutions bridge the gap between their stated values and actual practices.

A New York City teaching fellow turned non-profit executive, Dax is now a principal at the social impact consultancies, Dax-Dev and Third Settlements, both of which focus on designing disruptive strategies to generate equity in workplaces and education spaces alike. Dax received his Juris Doctor from George Washington University. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Alana, and their young daughter.

Dax has more than fifteen years of experience as a keynote speaker. His audiences have included highschools, college students and faculty, nonprofit/foundation leaders ans boards, K-12 educators, and corporations.

Relatedly, Dax is a master facilitator, designing and delivering equity-centered trainings for a range of organizational clients across all sectors. All of his engagements are interactive, inclusive and highly engaging.

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St. Martin’s Press

In Letters to My White Male Friends, Dax-Devlon Ross speaks directly to the millions of middle-aged white men who are suddenly awakening to race and racism..

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion What makes diversity so divisive? How do we build equity into our values and practices? Why do our inclusion efforts often fall short of the mark? Where should we even begin? A sought after executive coach, strategist and facilitator, Ross has established himself as a leading-edge voice in the DEI space by addressing the hardest questions with compassion and candor. Ross’ engaging keynotes bring together real-world insights drawn from his practice, masterful storytelling, and a knack for meaning-making so that audiences leave enlightened and empowered to take action in their personal and professional lives.

“At our conference, Dax immediately captivated the audience with his powerful, thought-provoking presentation. Dax was able to expertly reach multiple audiences in one presentation through a unique blend of storytelling and calls to action. He was one of the most powerful speakers we have ever had at our conference, and I’m already thinking about ways we can engage him in the future.”
- Kevin Dean, Ed.D., CEO Momentum Nonprofit Partners

"Dax-Devlon is an interactive and engaging speaker and facilitator. He speaks to the most important subjects of our time with clarity and authenticity. His work reflects his deep experience and thoughtful assessment of the damage racism has done to individuals, organizations, communities and our country. He has a grounded approach for moving from stated values of justice and equality to real practice. Results for America would invite him back again in an instant."
- Michele Jolin, CEO & cofounder of Results for America