David Edwards
Professor of the Practice of Idea Translation at Harvard University, Author, and Founder of ArtScience & Le Laboratoire

David Edwards is a renowned innovator, writer, and professor of the practice of Idea Translation at Harvard University. David is the founder of ArtScience, the culture lab and cafe, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and pioneer of the international movement of ArtScience.  His inventions and startup companies touch on healthcare (inhaled insulin, and antibiotics for TB), food (his companies Incredible Foods and Sensory Cloud), and sensory experience (his company oNotes). From 2007 until today, his work as the founder of Le Laboratoire in Paris, which moved to the USA in 2014 and became the innovation restaurant and culture lab of ArtScience, has explored the value of mixing of pioneering creation in the arts and sciences to learning and culture.  This work led to the founding of the World Frontiers Forum in 2017.


David Edwards has given lectures and keynote addresses around the world to academic, industrial and general public audiences, including talks at universities in the USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia, multinational companies in the food, luxury, health, and other industries, at TED (Harvard and Boston) and other creativity conferences such as PINC; and at the United Nations.  His work has been highlighted in the international media, including Time Magazine, NYT, The Times London, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Wired Magazine, Good Magazine, CBS Sunday Morning, NPR, CNN, and others. David is a member of national academies in the USA and France, and chevalier des art and des lettres of the French Ministry of Culture.

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Creating Things That MatterThe Art and Science of Innovations That Last
Henry Holt and Co.

Most things we create will not matter. This book is about creating things that do, from a master innovator who brings science and art together in his cutting edge labs.

Creating What Matters David Edwards highlights the natural and satisfying path of creating things that matter to others. It emphasizes the fusion of art and science in pioneering creation and uses many contemporary examples. The talk ends with an optional futuristic sensory experience. This can involve: 1) A Sensorial Adventure, where the audience experiences flavor clouds, edible packaging, and digital scent; 2) A Sensory Cocktail Reception, in the presence of Cafe ArtScience bar staff; or 3) A Future of Food lunch or dinner, with Cafe ArtScience partner and Chef Allen Campbell.
Seven Dimensions of Creating a Future You Actually Want This talk describes the creator’s life as a personal journey of passion, empathy, innocence, intuition — each of the seven dimensions of aesthetic creation. Using examples from the book and beyond it presents the life of the aesthetic creator while highlighting its biological basis, challenges, thrills, and long-term personal benefits.
Sensory Design and the Future of the Workplace David Edwards shows how by the redesign of our personal sensory environment we can better manage stress, improve our emotional intelligence, and even eat and sleep more beneficially. It highlights the importance of human physiology of scent and flavor experience and particularly shows how David Edwards’ innovations of digital scent and flavor clouds influence neurologic and metabolic regulation purely by sensory experience, essentially avoiding caloric or therapeutic uptake. The talk ends with a demonstration of digital scent and flavor clouds.
Food that Floats David describes the health benefits of air food. Highlighting the author’s air food, flavor cloud, and digital scent inventions, the talk shows how the sensory experience of our noses and mouths can sometimes matter even more to human health and wellbeing than the digestive experiences of our stomachs. From the delivery of essential oils, which powder the tongue, to chocolate cakes, which float as droplets into our mouths, to scents of ginger, which we barely perceive — the talk provides scientific, health and commercial data to argue for an entirely new way of experiencing food. The talk ends with a demonstration of air food, digital scent, and flavor clouds.
Edible Packaging David Edwards describes the challenge of re-imagining food packaging to retain the benefits of traditional packaging while radically improving the impact of food packaging on human health and the environment. It shows how we can redesign food packaging as nature has designed fruit, with edible skins, and discusses the challenges to bringing disruptive food technology to scale, notably in changing consumer, retailer, and distributor habits and business models. The talk includes edible packaging food demonstrations.

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