Zach Anner
Comedian, Author, YouTube Star

Zach Anner is an award-winning comedian, show host, TV writer, viral sensation, disability advocate, and public speaker. In 2011, he won his own travel show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Rollin’ With Zach. He worked with Rainn Wilson’s media company SoulPancake, hosting the shows Have A Little Faith (which explored world religions), Earth Your While (which started a conversation on climate change), and Top of the Monday (which introduced good news stories). He tried his hand at sports and fitness on his YouTube series Workout Wednesdays, and he journeyed across the country with the help of Reddit in his travel program, Riding Shotgun. His videos have over 100 million views over social media platforms.

Zach has been a guest star and is now a full-time writer on ABC’s hit family sitcom Speechless. He’s an Ambassador for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and has worked with UCPLA Wheels for Humanity, which supplies wheelchairs to people in developing countries.

Zach’s memoir, If at Birth You Don’t Succeed: My Adventures with Disaster and Destiny, is a hilariously irreverent and heartfelt memoir about finding your passion and your path even when it’s paved with epic misadventure. 

Zach Anner splits his time between Buffalo, New York and Austin, Texas and spends most of his time in his underwear, thinking about how he can change the world. You can follow Zach on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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If At Birth You Don't SucceedMy Adventures with Disaster and Destiny
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Comedian Zach Anner opens his frank and devilishly funny book, If at Birth You Don't Succeed, with an admission: he botched his own birth. Two months early, underweight, and under-prepared for life, he entered the world with cerebral palsy and an uncertain future. So how did this hairless mole-rat of a boy blossom into a viral internet sensation who's hosted two travel shows, impressed Oprah, driven the Mars Rover, and inspired a John Mayer song? (It wasn't "Your Body is a Wonderland.")

When Life Gives You Wheelchair, Make Lemonade Two months early, underweight and under-prepared for life, Zach entered the world with cerebral palsy and an uncertain future. By his thirtieth birthday, he had grown into an adult with a career in entertainment, millions of fans, a loving family, and friends who would literally carry him up mountains. With a mixture of hilarity and heart, hear Zach share his miraculous story.

Zach Anner’s interview with CNN.

The New York Times reviews Rollin’ With Zach and proclaims host Zach Anner is “witty and charming…zany.”

Check out his profile on MyChild at

Browse Zach Anner’s Youtube channel for more hilarious clips and tips.

Learn more about Zach Anner and his book, and follow him on Twitter.

Praise for Zach Anner and If at Birth You Don't Succeed "Zach was absolutely perfect for our audience of parents of children/youth with disabilities and the professionals who work with them. He was inspirational, funny, and just what we wanted. He even tackled some tough topics that our state is going through and managed to give something to both sides of the controversy. I was a little nervous when he started down that path, but he did an excellent job on it."
—Laura Warren, Texas Parent to Parent Conference

"Zach did an AMAZING JOB. His presentation was very well received by our diverse audience of educators, administrators, parents, community providers, and individuals with autism. Zach’s presentation was inspiration, instructional and full of hope."
—Annette Wragge, Nebraska ASD Network

“Zach makes you want to be a better person, with his humor and his heart and everything he's had to deal with from the time he was born. I've never met anyone like him, and I've met a lot of people.”
—Oprah Winfrey

“He’s a unique, creative kid with a smart, edgy sense of humor.”
—Arsenio Hall

“I think I speak for everybody when I say...I want to see more of Zach.”
—John Mayer

“Zach Anner is a truly inspiring and hysterical human being with a warped sense of humor (and body). He’s also an exceptional writer and his memoir is an absolute joy.”
—Rainn Wilson

“Zach Anner is the living definition of ‘giving better than he’s gotten.’ Life dealt him a difficult hand but he managed to beat the house with humor, heart, and a fearless punk attitude. Required reading.”
—Patton Oswalt

“Wonderful. . . Anner’s comedy is the peppy, uplifting sort you’d expect from someone who Oprah says ‘makes [her] want to be a better person,’ such as his elaborate Olive Garden metaphors for the nature of life. . . . Anner remarks wryly that being expected to act as an ambassador for the disabled ‘is a tightrope walk, which is hard on four wheels.’ Maybe so, but with this book, he makes it look easy.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)