Patricia Rossi

Business Etiquette Expert, Radio and Television Personality, Columnist

Despite her Southern accent and expertise in social protocol, Patricia Rossi is the furthest thing from fancy. Patricia has shared my knowledge and expertise about social influence in many ways over the last two decades. From working with anyone from neurosurgeons, NASA, to the NFL, she deliver value-rich programs on how to enhance your credibility by successfully navigating everything from the boardroom to the backyard barbecue.

  • Frequent speaker for top-tier organizations like PNC Bank, Raymond James, MLB, Moen, Bayer, Hyatt, and New York Life.
  • Best-selling author of Everyday Etiquette: How to Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations
  • Television Host of NBC Daytime’s weekly Business Etiquette Minute for over 12 years which airs in 165 syndicated markets
  • Featured Business Etiquette Expert for BloombergThe New York TimesUSA TodayMashableMonster.ComChicago TribuneRedbookHGTVParade, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, and many others
  • National personality on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) for over 1000 hours

While Patricia is incredibly proud of her professional accomplishments, the brightest lights in my life are her husband Bobby and her sons Jackson and Harrison. (They learned how to confidently introduce themselves with a firm handshake almost as early as they could hold a baseball bat!)

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EVERYDAY ETIQUETTEHow to Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations
St. Martin's Griffin

The secret to self-confidence is to know and understand the rules of social engagement before you're in the middle of an uncomfortable situation.

  • First and Lasting Impressions
  • Body Language
  • Six Handshakes and What They Convey
  • Introductions and Proper Responses
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Nine Magic Steps of Networking Anywhere
  • Networking Without Nervousness
  • How to Make Small Talk
  • Five Portable Topics for Successful Global Conversation
  • Your Network is Your Net Worth
  • Respectfully Disengage From a Conversational Ramble
  • Business Meeting Success
  • Communication Success: Skype, FaceTime and Video Conferencing
  • Texting, Emails and Digital Dos and Taboos
  • Behaving Gladly: The Platinum Thank You That Makes an Impact

  • Silent Service Code
  • The Business Lunch: Effective Business Entertaining
  • Navigating the Place Setting
  • How to Make Small Talk / Table Talk
  • Bread ~ Soup ~ Entrée Etiquette
  • Continental and American Dining Styles
  • Dos and Don'ts of Dining
  • Two Types of Toasting: Business and Social
  • Host and Guest Duties

  • She Strategy: Lean In and Leaning Back
  • Power Up Your Professional Image
  • Eight Things Successful Women Do Differently
  • How to Stand Out and Move Up
  • How to Say No With Clarity and Confidence
  • Avoiding the Three Typical Blind Spots for Business Women
  • Transforming a Worst Quality into a Best Asset
  • Listening, Learning and Leadership

Virtual Impact
  • Tech and Digital Etiquette
  • How to Appear Current and Up to Date
  • Social Media: The New Resume
  • Pitfalls of Photo Sharing and the Like Button
  • Importance of a Social Media Goal
  • Tweet, Text, Link, Like
  • Low Tech Tactics at Work

  • The ability to instantly and effectively adapt to any business or social situation.
  • A clear and precise understanding of unspoken soft social skills and how having the right social skills makes you appear strong, confident, competent and credible.
  • The ability to avoid missteps that could unknowingly sabotage a potential business relationship.- A current understanding of digital and tech media.
  • A fail-safe plan and policy for making an impact with a professional and personal brand, and having a solid understanding of reputation management.
  • A skillset that includes: The Perfect Global Handshake: a highly important skill, as it's the only physical contact we are likely to have with another person.
  • A Memory For Names: We feel valued when our names are remembered.
  • A Stellar Stance: We are walking autobiographies - body language matters.
  • How to utilize a network as a net worth.
  • An appreciation for thank you notes, including how to write and deliver a traditional, email, and social media thank-you.
  • How to write The Platinum Thank You.
  • Tips on how to dine like a diplomat and feel at ease.
  • Effective Business Entertaining, My best selling book, Everyday Etiquette, is also available for purchase.

Business Etiquette & Professional Presence Being prepared with competence, confidence and credibility is the key to long lasting and successful business relationships. Patricia will teach you how to unlock the secrets to unspoken soft social skills, while engaging all five sense, including trust and intuition.

Proceed and Lead with Confidence: Developing social Agility, Stability, and Adaptability for Today Audiences will find this timely workshop both entertaining and insightful as they dive in to learn how to adopt the confidence secrets to feel comfortable in uncomfortable settings, develop leadership agility, communicate with clarity, build long-lasting relationships, and learn into life with a little more faith and trust.
Proceed and Excel with Confidence: Developing Personal Strength, Resilience, and Tapping Into Unlimited Potential In this powerful and empowering session, Patricia helps audiences take ownership of their uniqueness, renew their passion for who they are, and what they do, and send their confidence level soaring.
Proceed and Compete with Confidence: Developing the Business Etiquette and Global Branding Skills That Create Next Level Growth for Organizations Patricia helps teams re-calibrate goals and skills, reconnect with each other and their own uniqueness, and put in place the business etiquette and global branding strategies that can skyrocket productivity, social presence, and positive customer relationships.

"The positive feedback just keeps coming in! [Patricia] inspired our group to think and act differently in the way we approach networking in social situations."

"Dynamic, engaging, and interactive!"


"Captivating and confidence building!"

"Patricia's two presentations were the highlight of our whole convention. No other speaker generated as much favorable comments... I highly recommend her to any group. She is the best."
- Jeff Sterne, All Star Association

“Thank you so much for your active and hands-on role in our Women’s Leadership Networking Event yesterday. The positive feedback just keeps coming in! You inspired me and our group to think and act differently in the way we approach networking in social situations. I look forward to reading your current and future books. I truly hope our paths will cross again in the not too distant future."
— Alison Hinds-Pearl, Esq., Bayer HealthCare

“Absolutely spectacular! Our Team will benefit from your lessons individually and collectively for years to come. We look forward to utilizing your talents in the future, hopefully for a larger slice of our organization.”
— Harry R. Van Loveren, M.D., Professor and Chairman, College Of Medicine Neurosurgery, USF Health

“Every Pro organization should have their team take Patricia Rossi’s Athletic Etiquette intelligence training before ever setting foot on your field.”
— Terry Cousin Director of Player Engagement, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"Your “sparkle” always comes through. You wear it well, Patricia."
— Cathy Blythe, Co-host, KFOR Morning Show Host, Problems & Solutions, Three Eagles Radio Network

“Thank you for the etiquette luncheon! My best take away was knowing how to be ingaged with the other person from the moment of handshake all the way through lunch. This will help me with my clients. Thank you!”
— Michelle Ibrahim, University of Southern California