Milton Ezrati
Senior Economist and Market Strategist

Milton Ezrati’s long career in finance has taught him to present compellingly on a wide variety of economic, financial, and political topics. He has spoken in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to audiences that consisted of financial professionals, academic, and political groups, and occasionally, the general public. Throughout his speaking career, Milton has been voted “Most Popular Speaker” by financial firms such as Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Raymond James.


During the last 13 years as the senior economist and market strategist at Lord, Abbett & Co., his talks have largely taken a top-down approach to economic and market prospects. Within that broad area, Milton has had to emphasize diverse topics from market valuation to policy analysis, to economic prospects, and even to geopolitical risks. He has spoken for corporations like CitiCorp, JP Morgan Chase, Lionel Edie & Co., Manufacturers Hanover Investment Corp., and many more. His breadth of experience enables him to speak compellingly and entertainingly to any audience with investment and political-economic interest, professional, or otherwise.


Milton Ezrati is the author of Thirty Tomorrows: The Next Three Decades of Globalization, Demographics, and How We Will Live as well as several other books.

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Thirty TomorrowsThe Next Three Decades of Globalization, Demographics, and How We Will Live
Thomas Dunne Books

In the next three decades, Milton Ezrati argues that key societal and fiscal changes will affect the economies of our nations at large: an ever increasing pool of retirees will burden relatively diminished workforces, slowing the pace of growth and straining public as well as private finances.

The Economic Outlook These discussions explain economic prospects, distinguishing what could happen from what is likely. They will include commentary on all major influences, including the political and geopolitical, and put into perspective all the usual parameters, economic growth, employment, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy, housing, energy prices, and whatever other issues interest the audience in question. When the audience wants a longer-term focus, these talks will naturally also include commentary on demographic and social trends.
The Investment Outlook These talks take up broad investment opportunities, again distinguishing possibilities from probabilities. They include commentary on relevant policy and economic developments, market valuations, and draw actionable conclusions on stocks, bonds, alternative, and overseas investments.

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"You were always our top rated speaker…your humor and your insight always resonates well with our clientele!"
- Diane K. Doolin, The Doolin Group, Senior Vice President - Wealth Management

"Milton Ezrati opened our senior executive client conference and set the tone as no one else had before. He understood the audience from the start and was at times insightful, informative, humorous, controversial and opinionated, but at all times he remained engaging and captivating."
- Ross Ellis, Vice President and Managing Director, Knowledge Partnership, Investment Manager Services at SEI

"Milton Ezrati is one of the best speakers and writers I have had the fortune to work with.... Quite simply, Milton is a PR executive’s dream client: insightful, provocative, and ahead of every market move or trend.  Beyond his considerable skill, Milton is a thoughtful, kind, and --- frequently --- hilarious individual, which makes a real delight to work alongside."
- Dan Simon, President of Cognito, a global communications firm

"Milton was a terrific addition to Marketing Partner Forum. His ability to engage attendees with wit and candor and distill highly sophisticated content into clear, concise takeaways served as the perfect keynote presentation. I recommend Milton for any executive level audience interested in macroeconomics or business strategy."
- Nicholas Giannini, at Thomas Reuters