Harry Carson
NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker

HARRY CARSON is a lecturer and motivational speaker to groups that range from juvenile and prison inmates to high school scholars, from college athletes to corporate executives and political leaders.

Carson’s 13-year stint with the New York Football Giants is one of the longest tenures in club history. The indestructible former linebacker served as Team Captain for 10 of his 13 seasons. Rated the #1 “Inside Linebacker” in NFL history according to Pro Football Weekly, Carson was named to the All-Rookie Team after his first NFL season. He once made an amazing 25 tackles in a Monday Night Football Game against the Green Bay Packers.

Currently Carson serves as Executive Director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, an organization representing National Football League minority non-player personnel dedicated to creating greater racial diversity within the National Football League.

Carson is President of Harry Carson Inc. a Sports Consulting and Promotions Company. HCI consults with media outlets, educational sources and corporations on sports as well as non-sports related issues. Harry Carson Inc. provides expert television, radio, print media and internet commentary on sports matters.

He is affiliated with many organizations and involved with numerous charities. He has served as an Advisor to the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and is a member of the Brain Injury Association’s Sports Injury Prevention Council. Former Governor Christine Whitman appointed Mr. Carson as a member of the New Jersey Advisory Council on Traumatic Brain Injury. He has established himself as an authority and internationally recognized speaker on Concussions in Sports. His two books, Point of Attack (1985) and Captain for Life (2011), highlight his personal experiences with concussions and other injuries from playing the game of football.

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Captain for Life
My Story as a Hall of Fame Linebacker
St. Martin's Press

A unique and powerful personal tale about the great joy and devastating price of playing professional football, by a legendary former NFL linebacker One of...

Captain for Life:
Harry will share his story about what it took for him to become one of the best middle linebackers to ever play the game—and the price he paid for giving the sport everything he had. As sufferer of post-concussion syndrome, Harry sheds light on the problems with pensions and benefits of retired players.

“The event went great! Harry was a huge hit and everyone really enjoyed his talk. Also, he is such a nice, friendly person- it was a pleasure working with him. Thank you for all your help!”
- Lindsey Whissel, Penn State University