William Hanson
Medical Director, Professor, and Author

C. William Hanson, III, MD, is Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Surgery and Internal Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the Section Chief for Critical Care in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care. An internist and anesthesiologist, he is also Medical Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, devoted to the care of surgical and trauma patients.  William Hanson also has extensive experience in medical informatics and previously was Visiting Professor in the Princeton University Department of Computer Science, where he taught between 2002 and 2005. He serves as the Medical Director of Penn E-Lert eICU, a remote video and audio monitoring program for intensive care patients designed to augment staffing on the unit. This “eICU” program is one of the largest in the nation, having recently added monitoring capabilities for Good Shepherd Penn Partners, a new Long Term Acute Care unit. His research using “electronic nose” technology to detect diseases such as pneumonia by breath analysis has been featured in Scientific American. Last fall he published The Edge of Medicine: The Technology That Will Change Our Lives, a non-fiction book profiling innovations in biotechnology that are changing the delivery of medical care and the ways in which they’re altering the human experience.  His work has been profiled in USA Today, US News and World Report, Popular Science and by the BBC.

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The Edge of Medicine
The Technology That Will Change Our Lives
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At a time when we are all gravely concerned about the cost of health care, medical technology, paradoxically, is expanding and evolving as never before....

Discussing the Future of Medical Care with Dr. C. William Hanson III: Dr. Hanson, author of The Edge of Medicine: The Technology That Will Change Our Lives and Medical Director of Penn E-Lert eICU, discusses the future of medicine and patient care. Sharing his insight into new biotechnological advances, he talks about the changes he predicts for patients and what it means for the rest of America.

Praise for The Edge of Medicine
"For those who look to the future, Dr. Hanson has written an enthusiastic travelogue, a guide to the universe of marvels coming soon to a hospital near you."
-Abigail Zuger, M.D., The New York Times

"The Edge of Medicine is a revelatory look at the amazing technology that will drive our medical future, from proton beams to mind-reading brain chips. Dr. Hanson is the ideal guide: knowledgeable, thoughtful, and fun."
-Jack El-Hai, author of The Lobotomist: A Maverick Medical Genius and His Tragic Quest to Rid the World of Mental Illness

"(A) spirited, feel-good look at an area of medicine that’s making progress."