Tom Parker Bowles
Internationally Renowned Food Writer, Author

Tom Parker Bowles is a food writer with columns in The Mail on Sunday and Tatler. He is the author of E is For Eating-An Alphabet of Greed, The Year of Eating Dangerously, Let’s Eat: Recipes from my Kitchen Notebook, and Full English: the story of how British food lost its way.

Tom also co-presents Market Kitchen on UKTV Food and is a contributor to Gordon Ramsay’s F Word. His most recent book is Fortnum & Mason: The Cook Book.

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Let's EatRecipes from My Kitchen Notebook
St. Martin's Press

Rounded out with a weekday cook's shortcuts and basics, such as how to make stock and how to transform leftovers into entirely new meals, Let's Eat is one of the best curl-up-and-read-it-tonight cookbooks of the season.

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The Year of Eating DangerouslyA Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes
St. Martin's Griffin

His journey took him from the potentially lethal—fugu, the infamous poisonous blowfish —to the merely nauseating to the unexpectedly delectable. As he traveled through Asia and Europe, guided by friends and locals, he warily ate dog, snake, insects, offal, and a variety of sea creatures. In the United States, he ignored warnings from those who knew better as he eagerly stuffed himself with much too much barbecue in Tennessee and some of the hottest of the hot sauces at The National Fiery Foods Show in New Mexico. "Smart, stylish, erudite and hip in a sardonic, unmistakably limey sense--like a lost son of Nigella Lawson and Eddie Izzard" (Radar), Tom Parker Bowles makes even a cringe-worthy meal worth the trip.

Eating Dangerously: Adventures with Killer Fish, Wriggling Lunch, and Ant Egg Soup Tom Parker Bowles discusses his year of eating dangerously, which he turned into a book—and adds personal anecdotes not told before, plus a new list of exotic foods to try! This intelligent exploration of our ideas about food is a lively whirlwind through a variety of culinary traditions and cultural oddities.

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Praise for The Year of Eating Dangerously 
"Tom Parker Bowles is nothing if not a charmer. From the first page...this reader was hooked."
-The Washington Times

“A mix of self-deprecating humor and lightly worn erudition."
-Wall Street Journal

“Tom Parker Bowles writes with a testosterone-inked pen.”

“A veritable culinary Odysseus...[Bowles] wins over his audience as a writer, describing dishes and sensations with the zeal of the recently famished, and his own hedonistic acts in delightful passages of unabashed bravado and self-deprecating humor”
-Kirkus Reviews