Tamsen Fadal
Emmy Award winning journalist, media personality, relationship expert

Tamsen Fadal is a seven-time Emmy award-winning journalist and author and currently co-anchors the PIX11 News at 5PM, 6PM and 10PM.


Tamsen also hosts a segment for PIX11 “Backstage on Broadway,” and is the host of the national show “Broadway Profiles” for the Broadway Channel.


She joined the PIX11 in the spring of 2008 as part of the Morning News team and has interviewed some of the most exciting newsmakers and celebrities out there, from U.S. presidents to Hollywood royalty.


Prior to joining PIX11, Tamsen was a correspondent for the CBS flagship station, WCBS-TV. With more than a decade of experience, she has covered stories ranging from the Columbia Shuttle crash to the London Bombings to the war on terror.


In 2002, she traveled to Afghanistan and was embedded with the American troops during the war. She also reported during Operation Enduring Freedom from Air Force bases in London and Germany.


Tamsen, a Lebanese-American, was awarded an Emmy in 2005 for her work as an investigative reporter. She received a Broadcast Journalism award in 2004 by the National Air Disaster Foundation [NADF] post 9/11, for contributions leading to improved aviation safety. Tamsen was named the 2004 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award Recipient.


Tamsen is a breast cancer advocate in the fight to cure breast cancer after losing her mother to the disease in 1990. Tamsen works to empower women across the country and has appeared on “The Talk,” the “Today” show, “Good Morning America,” Lifetime, A&E and “The CBS Early Show” in support of this mission. Tamsen has been featured in publications including the New York Times, Elle Magazine, Moves Magazine, Forbes.com, and HuffingtonPost.com.


She has co-authored the self-help books, “Why Hasn’t He Called?” and “Why Hasn’t He Proposed?” Her latest book, “The New Single,” is a self-help guide of empowerment after a breakup or divorce.


Tamsen made her Broadway debut in “Chicago,” the musical, in January 2010 followed by on-stage debuts in Broadway’s “In the Heights” and “Rock of Ages.”


In November 2011, she co-founded Shansen Jewelry, alongside her cousin, actress Shannon Elizabeth. A portion of all proceeds go to animal rescue and breast cancer charities.


Born in Concord, Mass., Tamsen graduated from University of South Florida in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalist. She lives in New York City.




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“Television journalist Tamsen Fadal (Why Hasn’t He Called?), who formerly ran a matchmaking business, presents the rules of the game for today’s “new single”. Married in 2007 and divorced in 2012, Fadal knows her subject from the inside out, and she also incorporates advice from relationship experts. According to her, it takes about a year to get back on one’s feet, the first 90 days being the most difficult. Fadal, following her father’s advice that “it’s better to be alone than lonely with someone,” emphasizes building self-confidence and learning to enjoy one’s own company. Heartache is heartache, but digital-age breakups present particular problems. Fadal thoroughly addresses this angle of singledom, with advice on unfriending the ex on Facebook, resisting the urge to use social media to spy on his activities, and mastering the etiquette of online dating (e.g., insist on recent photos). Fadal’s hands-on approach also addresses everyday issues like managing finances, taking care of one’s health, and finding new places to meet men; she suggests that the Apple Store is the new bookstore in that regard. Newly single straight women will find an ample supply of practical ideas here for making a gradual and successful transition to flying solo again.”
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