Susan L. Hirshman
Financial planner and analyst

Susan L. Hirshman was a managing director at a leading global financial services organization and is the author of two personal financial guides. She is a sought-after speaker at wealth management conferences, and has appears regularly in publications and on business news shows.


Hirshman’s first book, “Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? A Woman’s Guide to Finding Financial Empowerment and Success” (SMP, 2010) suggests that many dieting rules can be applied to wealth management. Her second book, “I Want a Fat Asset: How to Achieve Financial Success” will be published by St. Martin’s Press this September.


Hirshman is president of SHE LTD, a consulting firm focused on enhancing the financial literacy of women globally.  She also has experience working as a CPA with a global accounting firm.  Hirshman holds an M.B.A. from Baruch College and is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Life Underwriter, and a Chartered Financial Analyst.


She currently resides in Manhattan.



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St. Martin's Press

Previously published as part of DOES THIS MAKE MY ASSETS LOOK FAT?. As Susan Hirshman sees it, the rules of successful dieting are the same rules that apply...

Trade Paperback
Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?
A Woman's Guide to Finding Financial Empowerment and Success
St. Martin's Griffin

A revolutionary personal finance guide for women that applies the rules of dieting to money management.

The Financial Diet: Susan Hirshman shares her expert perspective on finances and investing—not just what successful wealth management means, but how to achieve it. In a humorous and friendly presentation, Hirshman weaves these lessons with the universal terms of dieting.

"Susan's presentation was excellent and [she was] an absolutely delightful and engaging guest presenter."
-Ruth Nisenshal, Director, Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation