Sarah Kendzior

Political Journalist, Author, Scholar

Sarah Kendzior is a journalist with a Ph.D. in anthropology who lectures on politics, the economy, and the media. Since 2006, she has regularly given talks and keynotes at universities and policy forums around the world. She is the author of the best-selling book The View From Flyover Country, which was re-released in 2018 after originally being published as an eBook in 2015 and becoming a bestseller the following year, and her new book Hiding in Plain Sight. In 2017, Sarah gave dozens of talks in eight countries, mostly focusing on encroaching autocracy and what to expect in the Trump era.


Sarah Kendzior received her Ph.D. studying the authoritarian states of the former Soviet Union and has since had to put that expertise to use in explaining what is happening to the United States. After receiving her Ph.D. in 2012, she became a columnist for Al Jazeera English, and also began freelancing for a number of publications including The Guardian, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and Quartz. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent much of 2014 and 2015 covering the Ferguson uprising and its aftermath. In 2016, Sarah became a columnist at the Globe and Mail, focusing on the US election, and also covered US affairs for the Dutch outlet De Correspondent. Today she continues to write regularly for the Globe and Mail, NBC News, and Fast Company.


Sarah has over 350,000 followers on Twitter and is regularly interviewed by the media both in the US and abroad.  In summer 2018, she launched the Gaslit Nation podcast with Andrea Chalupa. She is a recurring guest on the MSNBC show AM Joy, where she discusses corruption in the Trump administration as well as the Russian interference scandal. Sarah has a very large and diverse audience and has been an invited speaker at policy forums, grassroots activist groups, universities, film festivals, and think tanks.


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They KnewHow a Culture of Conspiracy Keeps America Complacent
Flatiron Books

In They Knew, New York Times best-selling author Sarah Kendzior explores the United States’ “culture of conspiracy,” putting forth a timely and unflinching argument: uncritical faith in broken institutions is as dangerous as false narratives peddled by propagandists.

Hiding in Plain SightThe Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America
Flatiron Books

New York Times bestselling author Sarah Kendzior documents the truth about the calculated rise to power of Donald Trump since the 1980s and how the erosion of our liberties made an American dema­gogue possible.

The View from Flyover CountryDispatches from the Forgotten America
Flatiron Books

In 2015, Sarah Kendzior collected the essays she reported for Al Jazeera and published them as The View from Flyover Country, which became an ebook bestseller and garnered praise from readers around the world.

Authoritarianism in the Trump Era Sarah Kendzior uses her expertise to discuss the political issues in the age of Trump.
The View From Flyover Country Sarah Kendzior critiques the labor exploitation, race relations, gentrification, media bias, and other aspects of the post-employment economy in America that gave rise to a president who rules like an autocrat.

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Praise for The View From Flyover Country "A St. Louis-based journalist, Kendzior has been called 'a Cassandra in Trumpland,' analyzing in these short essays the social trends and discontent in Middle America that built the president's base."
New York Times Book Review

“The talented Kendzior…writes intelligently and with great empathy about problems faced by the Midwest.”
New York Post

"Hers is a crystalline voice of reason and appraisal in a world that shifts further into unrecognizable territory minute-by-minute."
— Carol Haggas, Booklist

"A collection of sharp-edged, humanistic pieces about the American heartland...Passionate pieces that repeatedly assail the inability of many to empathize and to humanize."

“Authoritarianism does not happen in a vacuum. Kendzior gives us valuable information about conditions in the forgotten parts of our countr y, which provided fer tile ground for the rise of Trump.”
—Amy Siskind, author of The List

“Urgent and beautifully expressed . . . What makes Kendzior’s writing so truly important [is that] it documents where the problem lies, by somebody who lives there. Read her.”
- The Wire

“Kendzior is no psychic. She’s just whip-smart and an expert on authoritarian governments. She’s also that rare writer with an analyst’s brain and an empath’s heart… Though the essays are topical and political…one senses they’ll stand the test of time, just for the beauty of the prose and the soundness of the philosophy.”
—Stefene Russell, St. Louis Magazine