Mark Divine
Former Navy SEAL and founder of SEALFIT

U.S. Navy SEALs are America’s toughest warriors. Less than 15% make it through the 9-month selection process called Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/S). Ensign Mark Divine not only made it through BUD/S, at 26 he graduated as the Honor Man, #1-ranked of Class 170.

Through his innovative SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind training systems, including the Hell Week simulation Kokoro crucible, Mark provides the physical, mental and emotional tools and coaching that allow not 15%, but 90% of his trainees to lead and succeed in the most demanding training in the world and in combat. He wrote a series of books about his powerful training methods. The first was the Amazon bestseller Unbeatable Mind, the foundational book about his Five Mountain™ integrated developmental program. Next came the leadership book The Way of the SEAL, a Wall Street Journal Best Seller, then 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, a New York Times Best Seller and then Kokoro Yoga. His latest book, Staring Down the Wolf, focuses on developing emotionally aware leaders and teams and is due in bookstores in March of 2020

Divine now shares the same secrets to entrepreneurs, executives and teams through his books, speaking, award winning podcast, and world-renowned leadership and team events. After a four-year career as a CPA and MBA on Wall Street, Mark traded his suit and tie for the uniform of a SEAL student at BUD/S.

Mark served for twenty years (9 active duty and 11 reserves) leading his team on reconnaissance, training and classified missions in 45 different countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. Because he was so effective in developing the physical, mental, leadership and team skills needed for success in battle, in 2005 Naval Special Warfare Group One hired Mark to run their pre-deployment certification training. For the same reason, in 2006 the Navy Recruiting Command hired him through his company SEALFIT to create and launch the national Navy SEAL Mentor program for new recruits.

In 2011 Mark retired as Commander Divine to focus on his family and to bringing his unique training perspectives on developing mentally tough and more aware leaders and teams to the military and first responders.

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Staring Down the Wolf7 Leadership Commitments That Forge Elite Teams
St. Martin's Press

What does it take to command a team of elite individuals? Retired Navy SEAL Commander, Entrepreneur, and New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Divine (founder of SEALFIT,, and Unbeatable Mind) reveals what makes the culture of an elite team, and how to get your own team to commit to serve at an elite level. Using principles he learned on the battlefield, training SEALs, and in his own entrepreneurial and growth company ventures, Mark knows what it is to lead elite teams, and how easily the team can fail by breaching these commitments. Soon to release on March 3, 2020.

Kokoro Yoga BookForge Resiliency and Mental Toughness
St. Martin's Griffin

Kokoro Yoga, by New York Times bestselling author and former U.S. Navy SEAL Mark Divine, is an integrated physical, mental, and spiritual training, designed initially for the nation's elite special-ops soldiers and now taught to anyone seeking to develop the heart and mind of a warrior. Kokoro, the Japanese concept of warrior spirit―or merging heart and mind into action―is the central focus of Divine's new approach to teaching yoga. Coach Divine's decades of experience with amateur and professional athletes, active and aspiring Navy SEALs, and wounded warriors uniquely qualifies him as an expert motivator and teacher. His methods have been tested by the toughest warriors in the world. Use this book as a guide to experience the profound power of yoga as a developmental system that will allow you to break through any barriers holding you back.

8 Weeks to SEALFITA Navy SEAL's Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness-Revised Edition
St. Martin's Griffin

8 Weeks to SEALFIT plunges you into more than a workout program. Mark Divine’s stories and assignments will develop your mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual warrior as well as your physical warrior. These 8 weeks will be hard. Mark will push your physical body to its limits and test your inner resolve. You’ll be tempted to give up. But if you embrace the suck of the challenge, you’ll begin to win. The stories and adventures Mark takes you on — escaping battlefield danger, calming yourself when there’s no way out, learning to trust your gut — will tap into more power than you knew you had. You’ll thrive in a teamwork setting. You’ll learn to laugh and not take your circumstances so seriously. You’ll even know how to functionally train without equipment. This is the ground-breaking training that increases SEALFIT athletes’ overall endurance, work capacity, and toughness. Be someone special. Let’s get started.

The Way of the SEAL Develop an unbeatable mindset and be the leader you always knew you could be.
Forging an Unbeatable Mind Develop mental clarity, concentration, awareness, leadership authenticity, intuition, offensive “sheepdog” mindset and warrior spirit.
Training and Building an Elite Team
Leading in Uncertain Times

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"Thank you for presenting at our 2019 USA Football Conference. Your motivating insight and heroic perseverance captivated our ballroom of coaches and administrators. You delivered a presentation that will further inspire them to serve their young athletes."
–Scott Hallenbeck, CEO USA Football

"Commander Mark Divine was incredible! I particularly learned a lot from the ‘Box Breathing’ exercise he demonstrated and plan to implement it immediately. Great stuff!"
–Northwestern Mutual Conference

Praise for Kokoro Yoga: Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior--the SEALfit Way "Every CrossFit athlete and modern-day warrior needs to incorporate yoga into their life, and this book will teach you how. Mark's teachings have changed my life, and they will change yours too."
—Greg Amundson, former DEA Special Agent, business owner, and CrossFit Law Enforcement Liason

"Mark has redefined yoga for me.... With his integrated approach, he is able to whittle down its complexities into actionable sequences that not only energize and strengthen my body, but also heighten my mental focus and spiritual awareness. Bravo Zulu."
—Chriss Smith, U.S. Navy SEAL, owner of Trident CrossFit

“As a former Naval Special Warfare Sniper Course manager I know the importance of developing a solid mental and physical training program. To be candid, 8 Weeks to SEAL FIT is the best program I've come to know outside of someone actually going through SEAL training. If you're looking for a quick start fitness gimmick then move on, if you want to adopt a program that promotes lifestyle fitness and mental toughness then get Mark's book, it will change your life for the better.”
—Brandon Webb, Navy SEAL, New York Times Best Selling Author and Editor of on 8 Weeks to Sealfit

Praise for 8 WEEKS TO SEALFIT “Will appeal to readers looking to be pushed beyond their limits.”
Publishers Weekly

“The best program I've come to know outside of someone actually going through SEAL training.”
—Brandon Webb, Navy SEAL, New York Times bestselling author

“I will not only ‘TRY' I will continue to work to accomplish every goal I have and also continue to imagine the feelings and actual accomplishment of that goal.”
—Lindsey Valenzuela, Champion, 2nd Place in Women's Division, 2013 Crossfit Games and SEALFIT Kokoro graduate