Karen Tang, MD
Board-Certified Gynecologist, Women's Health Communication Expert

Dr. Karen Tang, a board-certified gynecologist, and minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon, is an internationally recognized leader in reproductive health, and social media. She regularly gives lectures and Grand Round presentations across the country, and is sought after as an expert on issues such as period health, pelvic pain, gender affirming healthcare, the intersection of racism and health, and the utilization of social media in healthcare. Dr. Tang has been featured in the Washington Post, Yahoo Lifestyle, Self Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, and NPR. She serves on the speakers bureaus for AbbVie Pharmaceuticals and Medtronic, and has partnered with corporations such as Proctor and Gamble for media campaigns.

Dr. Tang received her undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, her MD and Masters in Public Health at Columbia, her residency training in OB/Gyn at Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard Medical School, and her fellowship in advanced gynecologic endoscopic surgery at Legacy Health in Portland, OR. Her areas of medical expertise include endometriosis, fibroids, chronic pelvic pain, and gender affirming gynecologic care for transgender and non-binary individuals.

Dr. Tang is also a pioneer in the utilization of social media for reproductive health education and outreach, public health messaging in the context of the COVID pandemic, and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ healthcare. She is active on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube as KarenTangMD, with more than 400,000 followers and over 50 million video views on TikTok. She has gained a devoted following as a speaker and educator, by breaking down medically and emotionally complex topics in an easily understandable, dynamic, and entertaining way.

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Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Bringing medicine into the TikTok era One of the most startling outcomes of the COVID pandemic has been the rise of social media platforms as a medium for spreading rampant misinformation about health issues. Opinions about topics such as vaccines, risk mitigation strategies, reproductive health, are now shaped by TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube, rather than personal physicians or healthcare organizations. The medical community lags far behind other industries in understanding the importance and potential of social media, and as such is battling a separate epidemic of mistrust among the general public. Dr. Karen Tang is among the first physician “influencers” to successfully utilize social media platforms to educate and empower followers about their health, and to promote scientifically accurate healthcare messaging. Starting out as someone had never taken a selfie, and didn’t know Twitter from Instagram, she rapidly developed a passionate following with over 50 million views and almost half a million followers on TikTok. It’s never too late to learn how to leverage the power of social media!
In this dynamic and interactive talk, Dr. Tang will discuss:
-How to utilize social media for brand-building, practice marketing and patient outreach, and public health messaging
- Finding your target audience, and engaging them for organic growth
- Unique features of the major social media platforms, emphasizing video-based content, which is the fastest growing area of social media
- Common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid
- Practical steps to creating a sustainable and effective social media strategy

Legal Challenges and Reproductive Health: Separating fact from fiction in a post-Roe world Abortion, contraception, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy: topics which evoke passionate responses in people across the political spectrum, and feature heavily in the news cycle since the fall of Roe vs. Wade. Unfortunately, misinformation about reproductive health issues is rampant, even among lawmakers who are restricting access to critical treatment options. This talk is for audiences who want to break through the myths and misinformation, and learn the facts about conception, contraception, and abortion, and the changing legal landscape governing them. This is not just a “women’s health issue”. The loss of reproductive rights will transform the landscape of affected states, leading to increased maternal morbidity and mortality, strain government safety net programs, and affect the ability of universities and employers to attract qualified applicants. Government agencies, major corporations, and universities would benefit from this talk in order to understand and mitigate the potential impact on their own interests, as well as those of their employees or clients. As a board-certified gynecologist and expert health communicator, Dr. Karen Tang is able to break down these complex and misunderstood topics in an easily understood and engaging way. She will tailor the material to the background and goals of the audience: from those with no medical background who want to understand their own bodies or lobby more effectively to protect their rights and interests; to healthcare providers or organizations who are struggling to provide care for patients in the midst of an uncertain legal environment.

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“As evidenced by her firecracker TikTok videos packed full of sound science, good humor, quick one-liners and obvious passion for public education, Dr. Tang is both an engaging presenter and one of the most important voices for women's health on the internet right now. The importance of her voice for both patients and providers alike cannot be overstated. Her soundbites are high-yield and also digestible. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
-Dr. Jocelyn Fitzgerald, Course Director: Society of Gynecologic Surgeons