John Kotter
Harvard Business School Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus

John Kotter is internationally known as a foremost speaker on leadership and change.  He is the premier voice on how organizations actually achieve successful transformations.  The Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School, Kotter’s vast experience and knowledge on successful change and leadership have been proven time and again.


When Kotter speaks to an audience he speaks with one and only one goal: to motivate action and get better results.


When speaking to groups, Kotter draws on the history of recent successes and failures in the business world.  He explores the new rules of leadership and the importance of lifelong learning in the post-corporate world.  Kotter offers the leadership tools necessary to achieve success in a business world that reinvents itself every day.  He continues to speak at Harvard Business School Executive Education Programs, including the prestigious Advanced Management Program (AMP).  These highly competitive professional seminars were created by Kotter to teach the important steps needed for successful leadership and change.


Kotter has authored 17 books, which have been printed in over 120 languages and have sold more than 2 million copies.  Over the past 20 years, his articles for the Harvard Business Review have sold more reprints than any other author’s.  Kotter has been on the Harvard Business School faculty since 1972; in 1980, at the age of 33, he was given full tenure and a full professorship, making him one of the youngest people in the history of the University to be so honored.


John Kotter’s awards include an Exxon Award for Innovation in Graduate Business School Curriculum Design, a Johnson, Smith & Knisley Award for New Perspectives in Business Leadership, and a McKinsey award for Best Harvard Business Review Article.  Professor Kotter’s Leading Change was named #1 Management Book of the Year by Management General.  In 1998, his Matsushita Leadership won first place in the Financial Times Booz-Allen Global Business Book Competition.  In 2006, Kotter received the prestigious McFreely Award for “outstanding contributions to leadership and management development.”  Professor Kotter resides in Cambridge, MA.

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Kotter and coauthor Dan S. Cohen delve deeper into the subject of change to get to the heart of how change actually happens. Through compelling, real-life stories from people in the trenches, in all kinds of organizations, the authors tackle the fundamental problem that underlies every major transformation: How do you go beyond simply getting your message across to truly changing people's behavior?

Unabridged Compact Disc
Macmillan Audio

John Kotter, the world's foremost expert on business leadership, distills twenty-five years of experience into Leading Change. A must-have for any organization, this visionary and very personal audiobook is at once inspiring, clear-headed, and filled with important implications for the future.

A Sense of Urgency Clients will explore the importance of this seemingly easy to express topic. What is the right way to create a sense of urgency? What is a false sense of urgency? Where do you go once urgency is established? These and other important questions will be answered as your company explores how to follow the right path to establishing a true sense of urgency and continuing down the road to successful change.
Leading Change The speech focuses on the eight-step process of implementing successful transformation. You will learn how companies can achieve their goals and how important it is to have successful leadership in order to make change happen. With personal attention to a company's efforts and failures, John Kotter can help to create lasting change as well as successful leaders.
Our Iceberg is Melting When change is needed in an organization, sometimes the hardest part is getting everyone to believe it. Kotter will introduce his eight steps for successful change in an easy to understand format. By providing the guidance needed in an ever changing world, audiences will begin to see how dealing with the challenges of change can be a compelling call to action for any organization
Succeeding in a Changing World As the economy and world change, so must organizations. The pressure for organizations to modify their business will only increase in years to come. Many times a good plan can get lost in the midst of implementation. The methods used to restructure and reorganize often fail due to complacency, loss of traction, lack of leadership and other barriers. Learn from John Kotter how great companies succeed where others fail to achieve lasting change in today's world.
Leadership vs. Management Many organizations today are over-managed and under-led because people do not know the difference between leadership and management. They are vastly different, and each have a positive and negative effect on a company's performance. John Kotter will explain and motivate the vital importance of the right leadership needed for success.