J.R. Martinez
Actor, Motivational Speaker, & U.S. Army Soldier

J.R. Martinez holds many roles in life as an American actor, motivational speaker, and soldier for the United States Army.


In 2003, while serving in Iraq, Martinez sustained severe burns to over 40% of his body after the Humvee he was driving hit a land mine. He spent 34 months in recovery, undergoing multiple surgeries that included skin grafts and cosmetic surgery. Following this traumatic event, Martinez pulled through and realized he could help others by sharing his inspirational story.


In 2008, J.R. Martinez joined the cast of ABC’s daytime soap opera All My Children. His character’s storyline mirrored the events of Martinez’s own life. He went on to win season 13 of the network’s hit dancing reality show, Dancing with the Stars , and has captured the hearts of many after appearances on the cover of People magazine in addition to the many honors and recognition from groups across the country.

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From Iraq to Soap Operas to Dancing with Stars: J.R. Martinez captivates audiences with his inspirational life story, chronicling the circumstances that brought him from a soldier in Iraq to the winner of Dancing with the Stars.
Road to Recovery: Following his injuries sustained in Iraq, J.R. Martinez spent 34 months in recovery during which time he endured 33 different surgeries. Despite this traumatic period in his life, Martinez refused to give up and went on to inspire millions. In this speech, Martinez illustrates how he managed to do that and walks audience members through the process of healing.