Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
Psychologist, Best-Selling Author

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an Ivy-League educated psychologist, a best-selling author, an internationally renowned speaker, and one of the country’s foremost experts on mental health, addiction as well as the impacts of the digital age. He is currently the CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Maui Recovery in Hawaii and Omega Recovery in Austin, Texas. He is also a former Clinical Professor at Stony Brook Medicine in NY where he specialized in teaching the neurophysiology and treatment of addiction and has also taught neuropsychology at the doctoral-level.

Considered a pioneer in the field of tech addiction and technology’s impact on mental health and education, he has been an in-demand speaker on the subject for both national news media and as a keynote speaker at both national and international mental health and/or education conferences. He has presented in London, Athens, New Zealand, Maui, and at prestigious venues such as the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, the Colony Club in NY and at universities such as Villanova.

Dr. Kardaras is the author of the best-selling “Glow Kids” (St. Martin’s Press, 2016), the seminal book on screen-effects; “Glow Kids” has now been translated into 12 languages. Dr. Kardaras is also the author of “How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life” (Conari, 2011) and the just released “Digital Madness: How Social Media is Driving our Mental Health Crisis” (St. Martin’s, 2022). He has written for TIME Magazine, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Salon, The NY Daily News, and FOX News, and has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, the CBS Evening News, FOX & Friends, NPR, Good Day New York and in Esquire, New York Magazine and Vanity Fair.  He was also featured on the 2019 A&E TV series “Digital Addiction”, the Amazon documentary “Screened Out” and “United States of Tents” and his 2016 NY Post Op Ed “Digital Heroin” went viral with over 6 million views and shares, and has a TEDx Talk on Near Death Experiences.

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Digital MadnessHow Social Media Is Driving Our Mental Health Crisis--and How to Restore Our Sanity
St. Martin’s Press

From the author of the provocative and influential Glow Kids, Digital Madness explores how we’ve become mad for our devices as our devices are driving us mad, as revolutionary research reveals technology's damaging effect on mental illness and suicide rates—and offers a way out.

Glow KidsHow Screen Addiction is Hijacking our Kids and How to Break the Trance
St. Martin’s Griffin

From addiction expert Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, a startling argument that technology has profoundly affected the brains of children—and not for the better.

The Clinical Impacts of the Digital Age
Digital Heroin
The Educational Impacts of Screentime
Young Adults and Mental Health
The Opioid Crisis in America
Ancient Philosophy for Modern Times
The Importance of Finding Meaning in Life
Near Death Experiences and Transformation

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