Ricki Lewis
Genetics Expert

Ricki Lewis is the author of Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications, currently in its 10th edition and used worldwide. She is co-author of two human anatomy and physiology textbooks; and founding author of the introductory textbook Life. Additionally, she is author of Discovery: Windows on the Life Sciences (Blackwell Science), and the novel Stem Cell Symphony, about using rock music to activate stem cells in the brain to cure disease.


Dr. Lewis is a genetic counselor at CareNet Medical Group in Schenectady, NY and teaches Genetics online for the master’s program at the Alden March Bioethics Institute of Albany Medical College. Dr. Lewis is a volunteer for Community Hospice in Schenectady and a frequent public speaker. Her husband Larry is a research chemist, and they have three grown daughters, five aging felines, and a tortoise.


Lewis grew up in New York City. She earned her PhD in genetics from Indiana University in 1980, working with mutant flies that had legs growing out of their heads. She has built an eclectic career in communicating science, through magazine articles, public lectures, and a string of popular college textbooks.

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The Forever Fix
Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It
St. Martin's Press

Fascinating narrative science that explores the next frontier in medicine and genetics through the very personal prism of the children and families gene...

The Forever Fix
On a bright September day in 2008, 8-year-old Corey Haas went to the Philadelphia zoo with his parents, and screamed. Four days earlier he had undergone gene therapy to cure his hereditary blindness, and now the sun was hurting his eyes. The Forever Fix tells Corey’s inspiring story against the backdrop of other children treated since the field was born in 1990, and those looking ahead to future gene therapy. The treatments pioneered on the children’s rare diseases will reverberate to many more common illnesses.

"Hands down, Ricki, you were a fantastic hit! I heard so many compliments [about] your presentation [and] how much you connected with the audience...Our Dean (who was at the lecture) asked how I 'found' you."
-Marlene Shaw, PhD Professor Emerita, University of Southern Indiana

“The two presentations by Ricki Lewis went very well! We had about 100 teachers at the dinner on Tuesday night and 40 at her presentation on Wednesday.”
-James Simes, NJ Science Education Leadership Association