Richie Frieman
Etiquette Expert, Host of Modern Manners Guy Podcast

Richie Frieman is a writer, etiquette expert, and host of Modern Manners Guy, a humorous weekly column and podcast about manners and etiquette on the Quick and Dirty Tips network. With over 7 million podcast downloads in over 200 countries, Frieman’s show is ranked as one of the top educational podcasts on iTunes. He is also the author of the bestselling book Reply All… And Other Ways to Tank Your Career, a guide to professional etiquette in the office that features Frieman’s unique and humorous insights. Reply All also includes Frieman’s interviews with some of the world’s most famous CEOs, entrepreneurs, and industry tastemakers about their own experiences working their way up the corporate ladder.


In addition to appearances on MSBNC and FOX News Entertainment, Frieman’s advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, USA Today, ParadeThe Baltimore Sun The Jewish Times, Under 30 CEO Magazine, and more.


Frieman’s other written works include two award-winning children’s novel, Terple – The Sky Is Just The Start and Terple – Always Dream Bigger, and a romance novel, Where the Heart Left Off, which was released in 2014. He’s also the creator or co-creator of various entrepreneurial efforts: The Pen’s Eye View, an award-winning internet magazine featuring interviews with different artists, musicians, and visionaries from all over the globe; Charm City Babies, a vintage rock n’ roll and pop-culture inspired children’s clothing line featuring onesies, toddler tees, and toddler sweatshirts; and Newfoundland Woods, a high end home decor company, featuring products made from 100% salvaged and reclaimed wood, inspired by both land and sea.


In addition to his hosting and writing duties, Richie does presentations and workshops all over the country. His expertise is working with young people – high school and college students along with new business employees in corporations of all sizes. His honesty, sense of humor and ability to tap into the mindset of young people, has made him a favorite speaker amongst the college audience. He has a natural ability to talk openly about his own life, background and what he’s learned in a variety of fields including the arts, business, literature, inventing and even professional wrestling. With a wide range of fields, at only 35, Frieman is able to relate to people on many levels.


Frieman’s given talks about entrepreneurship, networking etiquette, job interview etiquette, how to properly adapt to new environments and cultures, and the importance of always treating people with respect and kindness. He preaches that manners is at a Renaissance time, as he works to make etiquette “cool” and not viewed as stuffy or being mannerly to mean being an elitist.


Frieman currently lives in lives in Maryland with his wife and two children.

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Reply All...
And Other Ways to Tank Your Career
St. Martin's Griffin

With his signature wit and unique insight, Richie reveals the best ways to handle every sticky situation with aplomb and class. Case studies, chapter quizzes, and even cartoons help to deliver actionable, easy-to-use etiquette tips to teach young professionals to navigate the minefield of their workplace and come out on top.

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An essential primer for life after college from the experts at Quick and Dirty Tips.

Dining Etiquette A rundown of how to properly dine with others in a large group or one on one. This presentation deals with dining directions, social norms, proper conversation, and proper attire.
Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College From Karaoke etiquette to the proper way to handle being stood up, to "Do you have bad Facebook manners?"—Richie Frieman offers good-humored assistance to any graduate preparing to bridge the gap to the real world.

"We were excited to have Richie Frieman (UMD '01 Fine/Studio Art) as a guest speaker for our freshman entrepreneurship class to share the many paths and possibilities for becoming an entrepreneur. Richie's unique set of experiences and perspectives struck a chord with our students who come from many different backgrounds and majors and have many interests and novel life-paths ahead of themselves."
-Jay A. Smith, Director of Honors College Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at University of Maryland

Praise for Reply All.. And Other Ways to Tank Your Career
"If only there was a guide like this when I first entered the workplace – filled with real world anecdotes and examples from leading professionals, and broken up with quizzes and visuals – I would’ve made far fewer missteps along the way. REPLY ALL … And Other Ways to Tank Your Career spells out those unspoken professional standards and expectations in an easy to understand … not to mention hilarious .. fashion for anyone starting their career."
-Rob Samuels, CEO of Maker's Mark

"REPLY ALL provides solutions for all of your career's problems, especially the ones that you were afraid to acknowledge. Frieman's unique voice gives a cheeky approach to the faux-pas and continual conundrums we inevitably encounter. With tips from the pros and enough humor to match, you're bound to absorb the wisdom mid chuckle."
- Spike Mendelsohn, Top Chef and Restaurateur