Peggy Lipton
Actress and Author

Peggy Lipton’s overnight success on The Mod Squad made her an instant fashion icon and the “it” girl everyone- from Elvis to Paul McCartney- wanted to date.  She was the original and ultimate California girl of the early seventies, dashing through the Hollywood Hills in her red convertible and plunging headlong into both a very active career and a fast-paced social life when the cameras weren’t rolling.


Peggy Lipton’s passionate and complicated fourteen-year marriage to music impresario Quincy Jones made headlines and defined her.  When the marriage ended, she returned to television, starring in the hit TV series, Twin Peaks.


During the writing of her New York Times bestselling memoir, Breathing Out, Peggy was diagnosed with colon cancer, another struggle that changed her life.  She survived the battle, and speaks on the topic frequently.  Peggy Lipton’s life is rich with stories of the pop culture icons of our times, but she speaks powerfully on her personal struggles and resilience as well.  She is a Hollywood fixture whose voice is refreshing and unexpected.


Recently appearing in another hit show, Alias, Peggy Lipton is the winner of a Golden Globe and twice has been nominated for an Emmy.  She lives in Los Angeles.

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Peggy Lipton's overnight success as Julie Barnes on television's hit The Mod Squad made her an instant fashion icon and the "it" girl everyone-from Elvis to...

An Evening with Peggy Lipton: With grace and refreshing honesty, Lipton talks about her life, her struggles, and her triumphs.
Praise for Breathing Out "...fascinating and passionate"
- Kirkus Reviews

"In this surprisingly readable memoir, [Lipton] and her cowriters have managed to make her various encounters into more than mere name-dropping, with each short chapter becoming a small slice of life...Her story holds out attention both for the life it chronicles and changing times it encompasses."
-- Booklist