Nicco Mele
Leading Expert on Social Media Integration, Author of The End of Big

Named in Esquire Magazine as one of America’s “best and brightest,” Nicco Mele is a leading expert in social media integration, Internet marketing, and the use of online trends within politics, business, and communications. As the webmaster for Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential race, Mele and the campaign team developed a strategy for the use of technology and social media that revolutionized political fundraising and American politics. Later that year, Mele founded EchoDitto, the leading web strategy consulting company through which he continues to consult with Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit groups such as the Clinton Foundation, Google, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Barack Obama’s successful Senate campaign.


He is also the co-founder of, which uses the Internet to change the world of advertising by soliciting online in an open and collaborative process, and, an online resource that gathers and analyzes data on proxy voting behavior.


In Mele’s book, The End of Big: How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath, he argues that “radical connectivity” – our ability to send vast amounts of data instantly, constantly, and globally – is altering our daily lives and reshaping large institutions with dramatic speed. ­­­


Now an adjunct faculty member at Harvard’s Kennedy School, Mele teaches graduate level classes on the Internet and its impact on institutions. In 2009, he was named the spring 2009 Visiting Edward R. Murrow Distinguished Lecturer at the Harvard Shorenstein Center for the study of Press, Politics, and Public Policy.


Nicco Mele has appeared numerous times as a commentator on CNN, NPR, BBC, CBS Radio, and the Associated Press discussing issues of politics and technology. A highly sought-after speaker, he has been welcomed by audiences at conferences like Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference, US-Islamic World Forum, Personal Democracy Forum, Abu Dhabi Emerging Leaders, AARP, and the United Nations.

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The End of Big
How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath
St. Martin's Press

Nicco Mele explores the consequences of living in a socially-connected society, drawing upon his years of experience as an innovator in politics and technology.

Why Radical Connectivity Means The End of Big: Nicco Mele shows audiences how our ability to connect instantly, constantly, and globally is changing the power of business, politics, and our lives in astonishing and revolutionary ways. While many of these changes can be good, Mele will argue that these new realities come at a high price.
Obama, the Tea Party, Politics, and the Future of Politics: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr – these things have become tools for political campaigns. Social media has created a direct line between people and politicians by building communities and giving those communities a voice. Mele will examine social media and provide valuable insight into the way it is changing the political landscape, as well as how the democratization of technology has changed the world of politics.

Praise for The End of Big “A genuine, historic glimpse into real changes wrought by the Internet.”

“Readers will learn about the sometimes surprising origins of aspects of our technology and are guaranteed to find fascinating examples of digitally enabled endeavors.”

“Thought provoking...An important read for anyone curious about what the future might look like...the end of big is hitting many aspects of our lives. And Mele makes us seriously think about the world we live in today and, more importantly, how we'd like to live in it tomorrow.”