Linda Killian
Journalist, Political Columnist, Expert on Bipartisan Politics

Washington journalist Linda Killian is the author of The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents—a forward-thinking examination of the independent centrist voters who will decide our next national election—as well as The Freshmen: What Happened to the Republican Revolution? which was praised as a “fair, thoughtful, and eminently readable account” of the anti-Democratic 1994 election and the outcome of Republican control in the House of Representatives.


Linda Killian is a columnist for and the U.S. News & World Report Online, and has also written for a host of other publications including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, The New Republic, The Weekly Standard, The American Spectator, The Christian Science Monitor, Redbook, and Washingtonian Magazine. She is a former senior scholar at the non-partisan Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.


In 2000, Linda Killian created and launched the Boston University Washington Journalism Center, which provides students with the opportunity to spend time in DC, reporting on Congress and the federal government for the Boston University Washington news Service and other New England news organizations.


From 1993-1995 she served as the senior editor of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered,  and was previously a reporter for Forbes Magazine, United Press International, and several other major daily newspapers. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and graduated cum laude from Boston University with degrees in journalism and political science.

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The Swing Vote
The Untapped Power of Independents
St. Martin's Press

Forty percent of all American voters are Independents who occupy the ample political and ideological space in the center. These Americans are anything but divided, and they're being ignored. These Independents make up the largest voting bloc in the nation and have determined the outcome of every election since World War II. Every year their numbers grow, as does the unconscionable disconnect between them and the officials who are supposed to represent them. The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents tells the story of how our polarized political system is not only misrepresenting America but failing it.

The Bipartisan Look at Today’s Politics “Dysfunctional,” “corrupt,” “lazy,” “disappointed,” and “gridlock” were a few of the top 20 words that came to Americans’ minds when they thought about Congress, according to a recent PEW Research survey. What is fueling today’s prevailing dissatisfaction with our government, and what examples from current events show how hyper-partisanship is hurting the country? Linda Killian uses humor and common sense to explain the institutional processes that have brought us to this point, and how active citizens can help remedy the polarization of politics in our country.
The Swing Vote Who are the people who really elected Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama? They might not be who you think. In a presentation based on her upcoming book, The Swing Vote, Linda Killian discusses the historical trends of moderate and independent centrist voters, and predicts how these independents will affect elections in 2012.

Praise for The Swing Vote “Linda Killian’s new and terrific book…is a strong, well-researched, and well-credited document on the failure of the seventy-three Republican freshmen in the class of ’94.” 
---USA Today

The Swing Vote has useful observations…. [Linda Killian] traveled around the country interviewing hundreds of voters who are disaffected. There are lessons to be learned from her reporting.” 
--The New York Review of Books

“Linda Killian helps us understand who the swing voters who decide elections are and what they are looking for. Killian's analysis provides a valuable guide on harnessing their collective energy into a new way of thinking about politics.”  
---Eleanor Clift, contributor Newsweek and Daily Beast