Kristin Hannah
#1 New York Times Bestselling Novelist

Kristin Hannah is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than 21 novels including the international blockbusters, The Nightingale, The Great Alone, as well as Winter Garden, Night Road, and Firefly Lane. Kristin’s latest novel, The Four Winds debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. The Four Winds has been described as “epic and transporting, a stirring story of hardship and love…Majestic and absorbing” by USA Today. People Magazine has called it “a spectacular spectacular tour de force that shines a spotlight on the indispensable but often overlooked role of Greatest Generation women.”

Kristin’s breakthrough novel Firefly Lane is currently #1 in paperback trade fiction, and its TV adaptation is the #1 Netflix series worldwide. The film of Hannah’s much loved novel, The Nightingale,  (published in 43 languages) starring Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning, is slated for December 2021. Her 2017 novel, The Great Alone, has also been optioned for the screen.

Kristin is a former-lawyer-turned writer who lives in the  Pacific Northwest with her husband. She can’t imagine  a better career than writing every day and doesn’t miss  practicing the law—or wearing heels to work. Kristin writes because it frees something in her and allows her to be the  wife, mother, and friend she wants to be. 

Kristin’s work touches millions of people. Her novel, Firefly  Lane, became a runaway bestseller in 2009, a touchstone novel that brought women together, and The Nightingale, in 2015 was voted a best book of the year by Amazon, Buzzfeed,  iTunes, Library Journal, Paste, The Wall Street Journal and The Week. Additionally, the novel won the coveted Goodreads  and People’s Choice Awards.  The audiobook of The Nightingale won the Audiobook of the Year Award in the fiction category. Her #1 New York Times bestselling  novel, The Great Alone won the 2018 Goodreads Best Historical Novel of the Year and appeared on numerous “Best Of” lists. Renowned for her strong women characters, Hannah’s books are read, discussed, and revered  by book clubs all over the country. 

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Kristin Hannah’s new novel is an indelible portrait of America and the American dream set during a dark period of our history: the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. The Four Winds is the story of a family’s search for a better life during unprecedented times. This is a novel about a country in crisis, at war with itself. It’s a novel about our hubris, about people displaced and how they are treated in tough times. It’s about devastating climate change that was partially of our own making.

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In this unforgettable portrait of human frailty and resilience, Kristin Hannah reveals the indomitable character of the modern American pioneer and the spirit of a vanishing Alaska—a place of incomparable beauty and danger. The Great Alone is a daring, beautiful, stay-up-all-night story about love and loss, the fight for survival, and the wildness that lives in both man and nature.

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In the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the Front. She doesn't believe that the Nazis will invade France...but invade they do, in droves of marching soldiers, in caravans of trucks and tanks, in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent. When a German captain requisitions Vianne's home, she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything. Without food or money or hope, as danger escalates all around them, she is forced to make one impossible choice after another to keep her family alive.

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Like many couples, Michael and Jolene Zarkades have to face the pressures of everyday life—children, careers, bills, chores—even as their twelve-year marriage is falling apart. Then a deployment sends Jolene deep into harm's way and leaves defense attorney Michael at home, unaccustomed to being a single parent to their two girls. At once a profoundly honest look at modern marriage and a dramatic exploration of the toll war takes on an ordinary American family, Home Front is a story of love, loss, heroism, honor, and ultimately, hope.

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For eighteen years, Jude Farraday has put her children's needs above her own, and it shows—her twins, Mia and Zach, are bright and happy teenagers. When Lexi Baill moves into their small, close-knit community, no one is more welcoming than Jude. Lexi, a former foster child with a dark past, quickly becomes Mia's best friend. Then Zach falls in love with Lexi and the three become inseparable.Vivid, universal, and emotionally complex, Night Road raises profound questions about motherhood, identity, love, and forgiveness.

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Mesmerizing from the first page to the last, Winter Garden is one woman’s sweeping, heartbreaking story of love, loss, and redemption. At once an epic love story set in World War II Russia and an intimate portrait of contemporary mothers and daughters poised at the crossroads of their lives, it explores the heartbreak of war, the cost of survival and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. It is a novel that will haunt the reader long after the last page is turned.

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Praise for The Four Winds "Through one woman’s survival during the harsh and haunting Dust Bowl, master storyteller, Kristin Hannah, reminds us that the human heart and our Earth are as tough, yet as fragile, as a change in the wind. This mother’s soul, suffering the same drought as the land, attempts to cross deserts and beat starvation to save her children with a fierce inner strength called motherhood. A timely novel highlighting the worth and delicate nature of Nature itself."
- Delia Owens, author of Where The Crawdads Sing

"A riveting story of love, courage, and sacrifice. . . 1934 Texas, after four years of drought, the Martinelli farm is no longer thriving, but Elsa is attached to the land and her in-laws, and she works tirelessly and cares for her children, 12-year-old Loreda and seven-year-old Anthony. Her husband, Rafe, has become distant and something of a hard drinker, and after he abandons them, Elsa reluctantly leaves with her children for California with the promise of steady work. Her dreams of a better future are interrupted by the discrimination they face in the unwelcoming town of Welty, where they are forced to live in a migrant camp and work for extremely low wages picking cotton. When Elsa’s meager wages are further reduced and she has the opportunity to join striking workers, she must decide whether to face the dangers of standing up for herself and her fellow workers. Hannah combines gritty realism with emotionally rich characters and lyrical prose that rings brightly and true from the first line (“Hope is a coin I carry: an American penny, given to me by a man I came to love”). In Elsa, a woman who fiercely defends her principles and those she loves, Hannah brilliantly revives the ghost of Tom Joad." ——Publishers Weekly

"Outstanding.... [A] rich, rewarding read about family ties, perseverance, and women’s friendships and fortitude." —Booklist (starred review) Praise for The Great Alone An instant #1 New York Times bestseller

"Featuring a rich cast of characters and elevated by the riveting portrayal of homesteading in Alaska in the 1970s, this is a compassionate story of a family." ― People, "Book of the Week"

"There are many great things about this book...It will thrill her fans with its combination of Greek tragedy, Romeo and Juliet-like coming of age story and domestic potboiler. She recreates in magical detail the lives of Alaska's homesteaders...and is just as specific and authentic in her depiction of the spiritual wounds of post-Vietnam America. A tour de force." ― Kirkus (starred review)

"Reliably alluring...The Great Alone is packed with rapturous descriptions of Alaskan scenery… Hannah remembers and summons an undeveloped wilderness, describing a gloriously pristine region in the days before cruise ships discovered it." ― New York Times Daily Review

"In this latest from Hannah, the landscape is hard and bleak but our young heroine learns to accept it and discover her true will appreciate the astuteness of the story and the unbreakable connection between mother and child." ― Library Journal

"Hannah skillfully situates the emotional family saga in the events and culture of the late ’70s... But it’s her tautly drawn characters―Large Marge, Genny, Mad Earl, Tica, Tom―who contribute not only to Leni’s improbable survival but to her salvation amid her family’s tragedy." ― Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Praise for The Nightingale “I loved Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale. She has captured a particular slice of French life during World War II with wonderful details and drama. But what I loved most was the relationship between two sisters and Hannah’s exploration of what we do in moments of great challenge.” — Lisa See, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

“In this epic novel, set in France in World War II, two sisters who live in a small village find themselves estranged when they disagree about the imminent threat of occupation. Separated by principles and temperament, each must find her own way forward as she faces moral questions and life-or-death choices. Haunting, action-packed, and compelling.” — Christina Baker Kline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train

“The Nightingale is a beautifully written and richly evocative examination of life, love, and the ravages of war, and the different ways people react to unthinkable situations–not to mention the terrible and mounting toll of keeping secrets. This powerhouse of a story is equally packed with action and emotion, and is sure to be another major hit. I loved it!” — Sara Gruen, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Water for Elephants

Praise for Winter Garden "Readers will find it hard not to laugh a little and cry a little more as mother and daughters reach out to each other just in the nick of time." — Publishers Weekly

"Winter Garden is Kristin Hannah’s best written and most deeply affecting novel yet." — The Huffington Post

"It’s a tearjerker, but the journey is as lovely—and haunting—as a snow filled winter’s night." — People magazine

"A…searing story with a breathtaking, beautiful ending." — The Seattle Times