Kim Scott

CEO & Co-Founder of Candor, Inc.

Kim Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Candor, Inc., a company that promotes the use of radical candor in the workplace to improve communication between managers and employees. Radical candor basically means, “say what you think.” But how often do people actually do this in the office? Candor, Inc. is building a set of tools that makes it easier to be clear but also kind in the workplace.


Kim has been an advisor at Dropbox, Kurbo, Qualtrics, Shyp, Twitter, and several other tech companies. She was a member of the faculty at Apple University and before that led AdSense, YouTube, and Doubleclick Online Sales and Operations at Google. Previously, Kim was the co-founder and CEO of Juice Software, a collaboration start-up, and led business development at Delta Three and Capital Thinking. Earlier in her career, Kim worked as a senior policy advisor at the FCC, managed a pediatric clinic in Kosovo, started a diamond cutting factory in Moscow, and was an analyst on the Soviet Companies Fund. She is the author of three novels and Radical Candor, a book about leadership in the workplace, which was published in March 2017; she and her husband Andy Scott are parents of twins and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Just WorkHow to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity
St. Martin's Press

Just Work is Kim Scott's new book, revealing a practical framework for both respecting everyone’s individuality and collaborating effectively. This is the essential guide leaders and their employees need to create more just workplaces and establish new norms of collaboration and respect.

Radical CandorHow To Be A Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
St. Martin's Press

Radical Candor offers a guide to those bewildered or exhausted by management, written for bosses and those who manage bosses. Taken from years of the author’s experience,it shows managers how to be successful while retaining their humanity, finding meaning in their job, and creating an environment where people both love their work and their colleagues.

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Radical Candor - The Surprising Secret To Being A Good Boss Kim discusses the key to success in fostering happy and productive workplaces. Through the use of radical candor, managers can communicate with their employees in a way that both builds relationships and drives performance. But what is radical candor and how should managers use it? Kim has the answers.
Lessons From Success And Failure In The Workplace Both mistakes and successes happen in the workplace. Kim shares stories from her own experiences with feedback, building teams, and driving results. She shares the lessons she learned so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.
Bosses Who Care No one starts out their career thinking, "I don't give a damn about people, so I'm going to be a great boss." But when people try to be "professional," they often leave their humanity, the very best part of themselves, at home. Kim helps bosses learn how to show they care personally about their employees to build great relationships. Learn how bringing your whole self to work can help you build a team that loves their work and does the best work of their lives.


Read the Forbes interview with Kim about the art of feedback. Check out this interview on brutal honesty in management positions with Kim Scott on NBC. Learn more about Kim Scott on her website and read Kim’s blog about leadership in the workplace. Read about radical candor in the New York Times. Take a look at Candor, Inc.’s YouTube page. Read Fast Company‘s coverage of one of Kim’s speaking engagements. Read about Kim and Radical Candor at the Society for Human Resource Management. Learn management tips from Kim. Read about radical candor in the Wall Street Journal. Watch Kim’s advice to employers at Business Insider.

"When I first heard Kim's presentation of Radical Candor, I was blown away. In a nicely compact 2x2 with just eight words, she perfectly summarized what I had known my whole career, but just didn't have the right way to say it. To me, Radical Candor was business poetry. Success in business is completely dependent on having the hard conversations and exposing the truth about what needs to happen in your organization. We all know how difficult those conversations can be and they are less effective if your team can't hear the message. Radical candor is about combining a desire to push the organization and achieve the vision while communicating in a way that lets your team know you care personally about them. I am so pleased when I hear an employee start a conversation, "In the vein of radical candor…”, as I know we will be speaking the truth and on a path to accomplishing great things."
— Christa Quarles, CEO of Open Table

"I read Kim's blog on Radical Candor and was immediately convinced that we needed to modify our culture. Being nice, was not nice at all. Not only does it hurt the company, but it also hurts the person who isn't receiving important feedback. We rolled out the Radical Candor framework at a 600-person company meeting six months ago. Despite having only applied modest reinforcement to date, we are already seeing the benefits. People will often start a conversation with "In the spirit of radical candor..." I love that it has allowed us to grab onto that phrase to transition toward a radically candid company. I can't think of a better way to improve our culture and, most important, help our people improve and develop. Thank you Kim!"
— Greg Schott, CEO of Mulesoft

Advance Praise of Radical Candor:

"I raced through Radical Candor—it’s thrilling to learn a framework that shows how to be both a better boss and a better colleague. Radical Candor is packed with illuminating truths, insightful advice, and practical suggestions, all illustrated with engaging (and often funny) stories from Kim Scott’s own experiences at places like Apple, Google, and various start-ups. Indispensable."
— Gretchen Rubin author of NYT bestseller The Happiness Project

"Reading Radical Candor will help you build, lead, and inspire teams to do the best work of their lives. Kim Scott's insights--based on her experience, keen observational intelligence and analysis--will help you be a better leader and create a more effective organization."
— Sheryl Sandberg author of the NYT bestseller Lean In & COO of Facebook

"Kim Scott has a well-earned reputation as a kickass boss and a voice that CEOs take seriously. In this remarkable book, she draws on her extensive experience to provide clear and honest guidance on the fundamentals of leading others: how to give (and receive) feedback, how to make smart decisions, how to keep moving forward, and much more. If you manage people—whether it be 1 person or a 1,000--you need Radical Candor. Now."
— Daniel Pink author of NYT bestseller Drive

"With Radical Candor, Kim has bottled some of Google's magic and shared it with the world."
— Shona Brown, former SVP Business Operations at Google