Jerry Oppenheimer
Bestselling chronicler of the Rich, Famous and Infamous

New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer is considered the premier chronicler of the rich, famous and infamous. He has been writing headline-making biographies of American icons for more than a quarter-century.


His most recent work is the Times bestseller, CRAZY RICH: Power, Scandal and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty which Publishers Weekly calls, “…An impressive example of journalistic synthesis.” In a starred review Kirkus calls Oppenheimer “A prolific biographer,” and his book a “faced-paced chronicle…suggesting that the spoiled rich are their own worst enemies.”


A profile of Oppenheimer in Tina Brown’s popular Daily Beast/Newsweek website proclaimed: “Jerry Oppenheimer is a super-sleuth…ferreting out the peccadilloes and foibles of the famous, the infamous, the powerful and the supremely well-to-do…He is a raconteur extraordinaire…”  Another called his “obsessive mapping of celebrity genealogy almost forensic.”


Oppenheimer can authoritatively speak on a wide variety of topics based on his many books: Politics because of such biographies as State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and The Other Mrs. Kennedy: An American Drama of Power, Privilege and Politics. He’s considered an expert on corporate figures, having written such bestsellers as Just Desserts: Martha Stewart; Front Row: Anna Wintour; House of Hilton: From Conrad to Paris; Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel, and Madoff with the Money. And he’s often interviewed because of his Hollywood and celebrity expertise, having written revelatory books about such icons as Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Walters, and Rock Hudson.


Oppenheimer’s books – he’s now researching his twelfth, the first-ever about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — have been published internationally, and he is often quoted in such publications as Vanity Fair, New York, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and the list goes on. He’s appeared and has been interviewed about his books on all of the major TV news and magazine programs in the U.S. and abroad for one reason and one reason only: because his exhaustive and scrupulously researched biographies are breathtakingly revelatory, placing his subjects under a journalistic microscope.


Because of his reputation, Jerry Oppenheimer has been the subject of profiles, focusing on how he conducts his research and reporting, and how he always gets the goods. Part of his reputation is based on getting key sources to speak candidly about the book’s subject, and for the record.  Oppenheimer is a rare breed – an unrelenting  “investigative biographer” who uses all of his journalistic skills in researching and writing his books.


Before writing his first biography in the late Eighties, he spent almost a quarter-century as a national investigative reporter in Washington, probing such issues as organized crime influence in Congress; Watergate; and political corruption cases involving such figures as Vice President Spiro Agnew, and Maryland Gov. Marvin Mandel. He has worked in broadcasting as the executive producer of TV news at the ABC station in the Nation’s Capital, and as a writer and producer of documentaries.

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Front Row
Anna Wintour: What Lies Beneath the Chic Exterior of Vogue's Editor-in-Chief
St. Martin's Griffin

Front Row is the scrupulously researched, often shocking life story of this enigmatic icon—a candid portrait of a fashion-obsessed teenager in Swinging Sixties London who claws her way up the ivory tower in New York. It is also an intimate examination of Wintour’s personal passions and needs, her loves lost and won, and her feuds and achievements. Anna Wintour’s story is an inside look at one of the world’s most influential women as well as the catty, competitive bitch-eat-bitch world of fashion.

Crazy Rich
Power, Scandal, and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty
St. Martin's Press

Crazy Rich, based on scores of exclusive, candid, on-the-record interviews, reveals how the dynasty's vast fortune was both intoxicating and toxic through the generations of a family that gave the world Band-Aids and Baby Oil.

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Praise for Front Row “Gleefully vicious biography of a New York fashion icon.”

“Filled with gossip and scandals and peppered with celebrity names and tales…[A] fascinating read about one of the great queen-bee bosses and her mission to determine and define fashion.”

"Better than fiction.”
New York Post

“The revealing unauthorized biography unveils the Anna Wintour even those closest to her don’t know….If you liked The Devil Wears Prada, get your gossip fill with Front Row…we couldn’t put it down.”
Complete Woman