Geoff Schwartz
Author, Former NFL Lineman

From his pre-Bar Mitzvah stuttering days to exceeding all expectations after being drafted 241st (out of 252) in the 2008 NFL draft, Geoff Schwartz has overcome adversity to succeed in life. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA on July 11th, 1986, Geoff’s three decades have been characterized by hard work, mental toughness, a commitment to his Judaism and a passion to succeed, regardless of the bumps thrown in his way.


Geoff attended elementary, middle, and high schools in West Los Angeles.  Pali High School, the alma mater of several well-known sports and entertainment figures, is where Geoff began to realize what life had in store for him.  He was a three-sport star, culminating in being honored as the school’s Male Athlete of the Year in 2004.  His football success led to a scholarship at the University of Oregon.


A three-year starter at Oregon, Geoff had his share of injuries, but that didn’t keep him out of the starting lineup.  He was ultimately named 2nd Team All PAC-10 after his senior season in 2007.  Then came the NFL, where the average tenure of a player is only 3-1/2 years.  Geoff worked through several debilitating injuries to complete an 8-year career, playing for the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, and New York Giants. He retired from the NFL in February 2017.


To his credit, Geoff realized early on that football isn’t forever so he began laying the foundation for what he hoped would come next . . . broadcasting, media, and motivational speaking.  During the course of the last five years, Geoff has been seen on TV (ESPN, SNYTV), has appeared on dozens of national radio talk shows (Jim Rome, Bomani Jones, Clay Travis) and has spoken at various charitable events (Holocaust Survivors, Huntington’s Disease).


Today, Geoff can be heard on Sirius Radio’s NFL Network, is a regular contributor to SB Nation, is the host of his podcast Block ‘Em Up, can be heard or seen daily on Charlotte-area TV and radio, and is co-author of Eat My Schwartz along with his brother Mitchell Schwartz, also an NFL player.


Geoff and his wife Meridith, along with their two kids Alex and Emmy, call Charlotte, North Carolina their home.

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Eat My SchwartzOur Story of NFL Football, Food, Family, and Faith
St. Martin’s Press

Geoff and Mitchell Schwartz are the NFL’s most improbable pair of offensive linemen. They started their football careers late, not playing a down of organized football until they joined their low-key high school program. Despite all that, they wound up at top-tier college programs and became the first Jewish brothers in the league since 1923. In Eat My Schwartz, Geoff and Mitch talk about the things that have made them the extraordinary people that they are: their close-knit and supportive family, their Jewish faith and traditions, their love of the game and drive for excellence and, last but not least, the food they love to eat, whether at home or on the road.

Adversity Through Mental Toughness From dealing with a challenging stutter during his youth to overcoming multiples injuries throughout his playing days, Geoff talks about the role mental toughness and persistence played in achieving success in his career and personal life.
A Jewish Role Model There haven’t been many Jewish professional athletes. Having talked to audiences ranging from Holocaust survivors to Jewish children day schools, Geoff shares how he lives a Jewish life and discusses his commitment to be a role model for today’s Jewish community.
The Influence of Sports As an eight year NFL career and a three-sport high athlete who began his athletic journey at the impressionable age of 5, Geoff reveals how involvement in athletics can positively shape one's values and life choices.

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Praise for Eat My Schwartz: "An outstanding book . . . . Powerful and at times emotional . . . . The book is humorous, smart and takes you inside NFL locker rooms. . . . This was, easily, one of the most unique and well-done books about NFL life I've ever read. And unlike a lot of football books, it actually gives you a good look inside NFL life."
—Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report