Eric Sinoway
Entrepreneur and Speaker on Inspiring the Working Professional

Eric Sinoway is an entrepreneur and seasoned executive with experience in for-profit, academic, and non-profit organizations. He is the cofounder and president of Axcess Worldwide, a New York-based partnership development company that creates inspired ideas and connects extraordinary brands and people. Axcess works with companies ranging from Rolls Royce and InterContinental Hotels & Resorts to Target and Delta Air Lines. Eric’s speeches “to inspire the working professional” draw upon his book, Howard’s Gift, which he wrote in collaboration with iconic Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson. Sharing the framework he developed for Howard’s Gift, Eric leads audiences through a process called “Business Planning for Your Life’s Work,” including thought tools that provide listeners with new ways to think about their lives and careers, and actionable ideas to unlock their full personal and professional potential. In a 20 to 60 minute speech or seminar, Eric conveys ways in which all of us can be entrepreneurial in our careers and lives, even if we aren’t entrepreneurs in the traditional sense. A captivating and inspirational speaker whose lectures, presentations, and seminars have broad appeal and wide applicability, Eric calls upon his unique personal and professional experiences—mixing humor, sincerity and real world anecdotes to resonate with working professionals, executives, students, and men and women of all ages. Eric also speaks on specific subject areas of expertise, including the topics of entrepreneurship, where he conveys lessons from experiences starting and working with a variety of early stage companies; organizational and fundraising effectiveness for non-profits and universities, where he shares his secrets of success as a fundraiser at Harvard and his work with the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Todd Wagner Foundations; and the burgeoning field of Partnership Development, which Eric is helping to define through his work as cofounder & President of Axcess Worldwide, which is the world’s first Partnership Development company. Eric has spoken for trade conferences, private events, and universities, including NYU, Cornell, and Harvard. For multiple years he was a featured speaker at the national conference for the After School All-Stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charitable foundation.

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Howard's Gift
Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work
St. Martin's Press

“This work offers wonderful wisdom for navigating the inflection points in our lives.” -- Mehmet Oz, MD An iconic teacher. A warm friend. A generous...

Business Planning for Your Life’s Work An empowering and actionable speech to "inspire the working professional," Eric shares a framework to help an audience at any professional stage chart a career and life that is successful and fulfilling. This speech touches on the framework of the same title featured in his book, Howard’s Gift, written in collaboration with iconic Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson.
Free Your Inner Entrepreneur An inspiring speech about effectively taking control of our personal and professional fates. Eric provides specific ways to think about lives and careers that enable listeners to unlock their full personal and professional potential. This speech introduces a new way to think about what it means to be an entrepreneur—in one’s career and life—and provides concrete steps that listeners can take away and implement.
The Calculus of Culture A provocative and entertaining presentation, Eric presents examples of cultures that undermine an organization’s success and an employee’s satisfaction and motivation—and provides well-reasoned strategies to seek or build cultures that inspire and empower. This speech can be presented from either (a) the employee’s perspective of finding and succeeding in an organization’s culture or (b) an executive or manager’s perspective on building a culture that is both differentiated and a competitive advantage.
Start at the End A speech especially tailored for students and recent graduates, Eric shares how he began his career—a process that meant turning down multiple job offers when he graduated college to blaze a professional path of his own—and provides provocative and thoughtful lessons to help young people navigate today’s challenging economic environment. Inspirational and actionable, this speech is applicable to university students and recent graduates, from ones beginning a career to those considering a graduate degree.
Don’t Go it Alone One of Eric’s most popular speeches, "Don’t Go it Alone" provides a framework for professionals at all stages of their career to identify and—importantly—engage others to help them advance success and satisfaction in their careers and lives. Eric provides insightful perspective and actionable strategies to identify role models that "keep score the same way you do" by creating what he calls The Mosaic in the Mirror; to proactively secure Career and Legacy Mentors who invest in the pursuit of your goals alongside you; and to build a collection of personal advisors to shore up your weaknesses and leverage your strengths by building an IBOD, or Individual Board of Directors.
The Power of Partnerships A speech that draws upon his experience as the cofounder and President of Axcess Worldwide, Eric speaks about the concept of "partnership development" as a new business function—one that he argues is necessary for success and maximization in today’s highly competitive business environment. Sharing examples of historic partnerships he and Axcess have conceived and executed with companies of all types—from Beats by Dr. Dre to The Venetian | Palazzo Resort, from Rolls Royce to Oscar de la Renta—Eric provides strategies that companies can implement to leverage the power of partnerships to drive growth in innovative and disruptive ways.

Praise for Howard's Gift "Filled with common-sense insights—on business and life—for future generations."
—USA Today

"Thought-provoking...engaging...Think of it as Tuesdays with Morrie for MBAs."

"The conversational tone is so casual that only after readers put the book down will they realize they just received a bucketload of valuable information and advice."
—Publishers Weekly Review

“Howard will go down in business history as the primary promoter of entrepreneurship. He is both wise and smart.”
—Arthur Rock, Venture Capitalist, Arthur Rock & Company