Doyin Richards

Creator of Daddy Doin' Work, expert on modern fatherhood

Doyin Richards (pronounced “doe-ween”) is a daddy, husband, author, and public speaker inspiring new mothers and fathers to think, laugh, and learn while evolving as parents and as people. Since creating his Daddy Doin’ Work blog ( in June 2012, it has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular daddy blogs in America with no signs of slowing down.


Doyin’s first book, Daddy Doin’ Work, gives an in-depth look into the minds of modern dads in a way that’s entertaining, informative, and real. He exposes the secrets of deadbeat dads, provides moms with tips for dealing with dads who think they’re rock stars just because they have full-time jobs while providing zero assistance with the kids, and describes what separates the great dads of the world from everyone else.


Doyin offers readers a contemporary and honest portrait of fatherhood in his new book, I Wonder. A rave review in School Library Journal says, “The combination of simple yet purposeful text, coupled with photos of ‘dads being dads,’ conveys an image of fathers as partners, companions, motivators, and supporters.”


He is an in-demand speaker on modern fatherhood. In 2014 alone, he was interviewed over 100 times by respected media outlets/personalities such as the TODAY Show, NPR, Katie Couric, USA Today, CNN, Parents Magazine, Yahoo!, Huffington Post Live, DL Hughley, Vanity FairEssence Magazine, Sunrise Australia, Fox News and more. He has been consulted by a number of Fortune 500 companies about brand direction and how to properly represent the modern family in their advertising.


In addition to print, radio, and television interviews, he shares his opinions with millions of readers as a contributing writer for Upworthy, TODAY Parents, The Huffington Post, CNN Headline News, The Good Men Project, Parents Magazine, and  Loved by major brands, he recently starred in an international Microsoft commercial and has partnered with Carnival Cruise Lines, Ford Motor Company, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, and more.



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I WonderCelebrating Daddies Doin’ Work
Feiwel & Friends

Perfect for Father's Day or all year round! What do daddies do with their children? They style hair, they carpool, they cuddle (after they look under beds for monsters). They play, they motivate, and they comfort. Dads may sometimes wonder if they're doing a good job. But one thing they're sure of is that they love every moment with their children.

Daddy Doin’ WorkEmpowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood
Jolly Fish Press

Doyin Richards' adventures in fatherhood have been documented on his blog, "Daddy Doin' Work." With this book, he answers questions about fatherhood that many women want to know in his no-nonsense, entertaining style.

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Praise for Doyin Richards:

"Gone are the days of dads bragging about never having changed a diaper, and fathers don’t seem to miss that era one bit. HuffPost and Daddy Doin’ Work blogger Doyin Richards showed us what fatherhood is truly like, proving to us this year that dads are just as comfortable slinging swaddles, getting pedicures and snuggling as they are suiting up for corporate America."
- The Huffington Post