Carlos Rizowy
International Lawyer, Media Commentator, and Public Speaker

In demand as a public speaker and media commentator, Dr. Rizowy has addressed forty to seventy event audiences per year. Groups addressed and media interviews include the Council on Foreign Relations, Rotary International, American Association of CPAs, Hand Tool Manufacturing Association, Illinois Judges Association, National Strategy Forum, Latin American Chamber of Commerce, many major universities, including the Stanford University Law Forum, and a large number of organizations including The Executive Committee Vistage (‘TEC,” a national organization of chief executives of significant, privately-held companies), NPR, BBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Topics include foreign policy, security, terrorism, Latin America, the Middle East and foreign trade.
Dr. Rizowy’s unique insights concerning the Middle East, and in particular the Palestinian-Israeli conflict originated during his studies at Hebrew University of Jerusalem with Professor Yehoshafat Harkabi, former chief of Israeli military intelligence. Dr. Rizowy holds a B.A. in Political Sciences and International Relations from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a law degree (J.D.) from IIT/Chicago Kent College of Law and a Ph.D from the University of Chicago. As chairman of the political science department at Roosevelt University, he inspired a generation of students and faculty.
Dr. Rizowy is co-author of the book, Latin American Business Cultures, on overcoming cultural barriers in international business, published by Prentice Hall in 2005. He has authored articles in professional and popular journals, on topics in law, business, international relations, and especially the Middle East conflict.


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How often has an American or European businessman been astonished to have his Mexican or Brazilian counterpart break off discussions without explanation and...

The Emergence of a New World Order: Dr. Rizowy discusses global and regional balances of power
The Emergence of a New World Order Part II: End of the Cold War: Discusses the new regional balance of power in the world. Dr. Rizowy also speaks about peace through strength, and the Middle East Case Study—why are we there?
Terrorism Under the New World Order: Western Civilization and democracy attacked.
U.S. Foreign Policy: Israel, the Palestinians, and the P.L.O/Hamas—power, peace and strength. Dr. Riwozy presents a fresh look at old conflicts.
Praise For Carlos Rizowy

"If you’re looking for a speaker who will help your group see the world from a very different perspective than anything you typically read, see on TV, learn in school, or encounter in regular life, then Carlos Rizowy is a must-have. His talk about the global position of the U.S., focusing on the Middle East, from the realpolitik perspective got almost all 5s from both my CE and Key group. . . . It was a fascinating, educational and deeply thought-provoking experience that had both groups buzzing long after Carlos had finished. I highly recommend him."
—Michele A. Barry, Vistage International

"My groups rarely invite speakers back, and where they have (a minimum of five years later), the encore, more often than not, has been a rehash of the speaker’s first outing with little new content. Not so with Carlos Rizowy. My CEO group long ago cut speaker presentation time to 2 hours and 15 minutes; in August ’06 they gave Carlos an additional 90 minutes and voted to invite him back in one year."
—Bud Carter, Vistage Atlanta