Aaron Carroll
Doctor, Author and Speaker on Medical Myths

Dr. Carroll is an associate professor of pediatrics in the Children’s Health Services Research Program at the Indiana University School of Medicine and a pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children.  In addition, he is the Director of The Center for Health Policy and Professionalism research and an affiliated scientist at the Regenstrief Institute.  Dr. Carroll’s research work focuses on the use of information technology in health care, and policy issues such as health care reform, malpractice insurance, decision analysis, and ethical issues of professionalism.


Along with Austin Frakt, Carroll co-writes a column for The New York Times called “The New Health Care,” and they are the co-editiors in chief of “The Incidental Economist,” a medical blog. Carroll is also the host of a popular Youtube series called “Healthcare Triage.”


He received a BA in chemistry from Amherst College, an MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and a masters degree in health services research from the University of Washington.  Dr. Carroll did his pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington, and was also a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar before joining the Indiana University School of Medicine faculty in 2003.

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