Pat O'Brien
Legendary sportscaster

What sports and entertainment fan doesn’t know Pat O’Brien? O’Brien has been covering sports, celebrities, and politics for over 30 years and is best known for his work as a sportscaster with CBS Sports, as host of Access Hollywood and The Insider, and most recently, as a radio host with Fox Sports Radio.


In addition, O’Brien is a former columnist for the New York Daily News and a frequent contributor on CNN, MSNBC, TODAY, and Imus in the Morning. Pat O’Brien’s innumerable appearances includes includes stints as Master of Ceremonies for hundreds of events ranging from Magic Johnson’s, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan’s and Michael J. Fox’s Foundations and keynote speeches for the FOX Marketing convention and for the Wendy’s National Convention.

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In I’ll Be Back Right After This, Pat reveals the highs and lows of a life spent sharing the mic with the world’s rich and famous while battling an infamous public scandal and demons that nearly killed him.

Utilizing the Sports Mentality in your Life and Business In this speech, O'Brien takes his favorite athletes - Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Mickey Mantle - and explains what made them great: confidence, composure, switching sides of the plate, work ethic. By opening the curtain behind the stars of the sports world, O'Brien shows how they became successful and how you can apply these tricks in your own life.

Reputation Recovery From celebrities to sports figures to corporations, there have been countless figures embroiled in scandals. Having experienced some of his own controversy, O'Brien explains how to recover from this experience and how to avoid it in the first place.

My Struggles with Alcoholism In this speech, O'Brien discusses his experience as a recovering alcoholic. He touches upon a variety of topics, including how to talk to your kids about your problem; how to address the condition of alcoholism in the workplace; and how to overcome the struggle of addiction.