Starre Vartan
Author, Advocate, Ecofashionista

Starre Vartan founded Eco Chick in October of 2005 with the idea that women who cared about the planet needed a place of their own on the web. At the time, most environmental blogs were guy-oriented, and very serious, and Vartan thought that while discussion of scientific issues was important, consumer action would be second only to policy shifts in protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable culture. Enabling individuals to clean up their lives also gives each and every person an opportunity to realize their impact natural environment, a principle imperative to real change.

Vartan considers herself an “Evangelist for the Earth,” and so far, so good. The Eco Chick Guide to Life, How to Live Fabulously Green debuted on August 18th, 2008 from St. Martin’s Press. Eco Chick and/or Starre (as a green living expert) has been featured in Glamour,, Men’s Journal, ABC TV, FOX TV and The CW, The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Grist, Treehugger, MTV Switch, and a host of green blogs.

Vartan is currently Managing Editor for Greenopia, the rapidly expanding green listings and news site, and contributes regularly to The Huffington Post, who named her one of the 25 Hottest Green Girls (#9!) and named her one of the Top Green Twitter feeds. She loves writing the Green Guru column for Audubon Magazine, where she gets to don her ’smarty-pants’ to answer reader’s environmental questions every other month.

Vartan is also the style editor for Plenty Magazine, fashion and style columnist at Hearst’s The Daily Green and was the guest blogger for during Earth Month, 2008. For four years, she was a contributing writer for E/The Environmental Magazine, the nation’s oldest independent environmental publication, and was a dining columnist for The Fairfield County Weekly, where she also regularly wrote about commuting, transportation, and alternative energy. She’s also written for, Worldchanging New York, and

She is excited to have been an associate producer for the Discovery Channel’s upcoming mini-series, Final Hour, a parable about humanity’s impact on Earth’s ecosystems.

Vartan was born in Sydney, Australia, and spent long sojourns, summers and holidays Down Under. Contrasting with the sandstone cliffs, ocean culture and dry climate of the Sydney environs, she spent the balance of her younger years attending school in the tiny town of Garrison, New York. Situated in the Hudson Highlands, the lush woods, deep green lakes, and precipitous mountains of Garrison (not to mention the majestic Hudson River) still inspire her.

The environments of her youth and world travels led her to achieve a B.S. in Geology, a B.A. in English and a minor in Biology at Syracuse University. Vartan is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in nonfiction writing at Columbia University. Starre has pursued these courses of study to both understand and better communicate the importance of the connections between the natural world and human life. Starre thinks that the health of the environment is the most pressing issue of our time.

Now residing in coastal Connecticut, Starre is an inveterate world traveler, vegetarian, artist, and animal lover. She loves the great outdoors, snowboarding in the winter, swimming in the summer and does crazy yoga poses and hikes all year long. She shares her home with three rescued cats and a crazy cocker spaniel.

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