Stacey Edgar
Entrepreneur and Women's Advocate

Stacey Edgar started Global Girlfriend in 2003 as a way to provide economic security for women in need by creating a sustainable market for their products. Stacey has been honored by the Microsoft Corporation as a recipient of the company’s “Start Something Amazing” awards, and is a sought-after speaker on the topics of women in the global economy, fair trade, sex trafficking, market and enterprise development, cause marketing, entrepreneurship, and parlaying your passion into your career. She lives in Colorado with her family.
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Global GirlfriendsHow One Mom Made It Her Business to Help Women in Poverty Worldwide
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Global Girlfriends is Stacey's inspiring story of following her convictions, as well as her passionate argument for simple actions we can all take to eliminate extreme poverty. Stacey Edgar refused to be paralyzed by the size of world poverty; she started by taking several small steps, personal responsibility firmly in hand, and never looked back.

Global Girlfriend How one mom made it her business to help women in poverty worldwide.

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“Stacey was amazing -- she was inspiring, insightful and really had great answers for all the different questions that she was asked. She...brought nothing but energy and enthusiasm to the talk."
–Andrea Paquette, Lexington Community Education

"Stacey was engaging, profoundly passionate, and compelling. [Our] clients and colleagues were moved and intrigued by Stacey's story and had some great questions following her presentation. So many people I spoke with afterward mentioned Stacey's warm ability to inform, educate, and motivate with her impressive knowledge and experience. The whole evening...was a true delight."
–Susan Ocasek-Clayton, Strategic Financial Desgin

"The event with Stacey went great; everyone was so appreciative of her and her message. We sold out of books, so I ordered more!"
-Charlene Watts, Crossroads Handcrafts of the World

"The event was wonderful! Stacey has such a dynamic personality and fit right in with our community. Thank you for coordinating the event for us."
-Lacey MacLeod, Professional Women of McLean County