Raun Kaufman
Author, Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World

Former CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America™ Raun K. Kaufman has spent the last 15 years conducting lectures and seminars worldwide.  His fast-paced, humorous, and inspirational style keeps audiences highly engaged. Kaufman also brings his unique history to his talks. As a child, he was diagnosed with severe autism and recommended for lifelong institutionalization.  Instead, his parents developed The Son-Rise Program®, which enabled their son to completely recover from his autism with no trace of his former condition.


His story was recounted in the best-selling book, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues, and the award-winning NBC-TV movie, Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.  Now an international speaker, author, teacher, and graduate of the Ivy League’s Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics, Kaufman has completed multi-city lecture tours in the U.S., United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Portugal as well as keynoting a wide range of conferences and symposia.  He has been interviewed by media such as National Public Radio, BBC Television, Fox News Channel, The London Telegraph, and People Magazine.  Kaufman speaks (sometimes lecturing, other times facilitating interactive workshops) on a wide range subjects, including interpersonal communication, overcoming adversity, dating and relationships, the far-reaching impact of our beliefs, strategies for achieving sustained happiness and emotional well-being, overcoming fear, public speaking, outside-the-box ways to view and treat autism and other developmental disorders, and general motivational speeches on the virtues of being unrealistic. He is currently serving as the Director of Global Education for the Autism Treatment Center of America.


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Autism BreakthroughThe Groundbreaking Method that has Helped Families All Over the World
St. Martin’s Press

In Autism Breakthrough, Kaufman presents the ground-breaking principles behind the program that helped him, and so many other families with special children.

Breakthrough Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorders With humor and inspiration, Raun K. Kaufman recounts his own story of complete recovery from severe autism and outlines some crucial yet often-overlooked aspects of autism and its treatment. His lecture focuses on some innovative, outside-the-box techniques you can use today to help your child: move beyond stimming (without you stopping or discouraging your child’s behavior), learn new skills (without you having to push or pressure), and, most especially, to form meaningful, caring relationships with others.

Breakthrough Communication With humor and probing insight, Raun K. Kaufman uncovers simple strategies to achieve consistent communication breakthroughs with your co-workers, friends, or significant others.

The Advantages of Being Unrealistic: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving the Impossible With humor and inspiration, Raun K. Kaufman recounts his own story of complete recovery from severe autism and shows how anyone, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, can stay motivated, defy limitations, and achieve the most far-reaching goals.

Believolution: How Changing Your Hidden Beliefs Changes Everything Raun K. Kaufman uncovers the limiting beliefs we hold and explains how altering some of these can dramatically diminish recurring ineffective behaviors, ongoing work and relationship challenges, and emotions of unhappiness such as grief, anger, and fear.

Strength Without Anger: From Upset to Unstoppable With humor and insight, Raun K. Kaufman challenges everything you think you know about what makes you angry or frustrated. He explains where anger really comes from, what our hidden beliefs are that perpetuate it, and how, by dropping our fury, resentment, or annoyance, we can actually become more powerful at moving ourselves, others, and the world.

Move The World: Keys to Public Speaking and Group Leadership You’ve Never Heard Before Drawing on his two decades of experience lecturing, leading group seminars, and training others to do the same, Raun K. Kaufman provides some uncommon insights into what makes an effective public speaker or group leader. Leave with key strategies that will set you apart.

Inner Strength: Overcoming Adversity What separates those who surmount life challenges and those who are defeated by them? Raun K. Kaufman uncovers secrets to mental and emotional strength that anyone can start putting into action immediately.

Keys to Fearlessness Contrary to what most of us believe, fear is neither inevitable nor irrational. With uncommon insight, Raun K. Kaufman delves into what really causes fear and how to overcome it with some game-changing strategies.

Flirt with Honesty: Rule-Breaking Nuggets of Dating Wisdom You Don’t Learn in School With humor and insight, Raun K. Kaufman takes the dating pitfalls we’re all familiar with and offers totally unfamiliar solutions. Jettisoning common inauthenticity-based dating tropes such as waiting three days to call or not seeming too interested, Kaufman provides radical solutions that end the “game” such as getting rejected as soon as possible to getting out by the sell-by date.

“As the executive director of the Autism Foundation of New York, I hear many speakers and speeches. I found Mr. Raun K. Kaufman to be very personable and dynamic. He captured the audience’s interest and held it for the entire lecture. He is truly inspirational and very motivating. I urge everybody to take the opportunity to hear Mr. Kaufman speak whenever they can.”
-Mr. Sandy Levine, Executive Director, Autism Foundation of New York

“Raun K. Kaufman’s ability to connect with an audience is outstanding.”
-Annabel Stehli, President, The Georgiana Institute, Inc., Author, The Sound of a Miracle: A Child’s Triumph over Autism

“It is always a treat to hear such a dynamic and engaging speaker. Raun’s passion and hope for persons challenged with autism came through in every word he spoke. His ideas truly are focused on helping people achieve their highest potential.”
-Mark H. Yeager, Ph.D., President, TEAAM (Together Enhancing Autism Awareness in Mississippi)

“I was spellbound. He is so funny, and truly amazing. He has something so special within. I love the way he cares about people. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough to say. “
-Carol Burdon, Mother, Cornwall, England

“Raun Kaufman is an unbelievable human being. The lecture was absolutely fantastic. A life and truly attitude-changing experience.”
-Natalie Jackson, Nurse and Child Facilitator, Maitland, Australia

“His understanding of people seems almost beyond belief.”
-Vashti Bond, Neurophysiology Technician, England

“Down to earth, humorous, intelligent, and heroic. Someone who actually managed to hold my attention for the entire two and a half hours – very rare! The most interesting lecture I have ever attended!”
-Georgina Labb, Child Facilitator, Melbourne, Australia

“Awesome! Not only a master of his subject, but probably the slickest and most profoundly interesting person I have had the privilege to hear lecturing. I hope he never loses that wicked sense of humor! Raun is like a feel-good drug.”
-Angie Hewitt, Care Giver, UK

“Even if your child does not have autism GO teaches skills for ALL parents and child care workers.”
-Debbie Shah, Davis Facilitator, Nairobi, Kenya

“This is the one lecture you must go to. At last I have found someone who has total empathy. Someone who talks TO you and not AT you.”
-Irene Anthoney, Grandparent, Glasgow, Scotland

“What an interesting speaker – he can keep an audience spellbound for two and a half hours!”
-Judi Woodyet, Early Years Teacher, Birmingham, UK

“Spoke in a manner that reached me totally and utterly. Excellent communication skills: totally engaging.”
-Kulvi Chana, Attorney, London

“He makes you think he is talking to you as an individual and not an audience of 400. Everyone should hear what he has to say.”
-Lauren McCloud, Circus Tutor-Special Needs, Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Go. Don’t argue about what you think you already know. Just go."

-Debra Dela-Nougerede, Parent, London, UK

“Made me laugh when I wanted to cry! Raun makes you feel proud to have an autistic child.”
-John and Angela Tinnelly, Businessman and Homemaker, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

“Fantastic – I was totally glued to my chair.”
-Tracy Morvinson, Teacher, Manchester, England

“Funny, enthusiastic, personable man with a deep understanding of the human psyche.”
-Marilyn Pate, Teacher, Burnley, Lancastire, England

“Un-missable. The most engaging lecture I have ever attended from a man who clearly knows what he is talking about.”
-Lorraine Wylie, Child Development Officer, Glasgow, Scotland

“Well worth attending. I have driven two hours to attend and now I have to drive two hours home but I’m glad I came.”
-Gill Roberts, Administrator/Mother, Exeter, Devon, UK

“The first time I felt understood as a parent. The first time I heard someone talk who truly understands autism.”
-Sarah Walker, Parent, England

“I love the way he talks about aspects of relationships that most people shy away from.”
-Tandy Harrison, Mother, Cambridge, UK

“The only time ever since the diagnosis that I feel that there is a future for my son.”
-Urszula Coskin, Homemaker, London

“There are not enough adjectives in the English language that do justice to Raun. He is a master craftsman. He is a gifted and talented man.”
-Sean Driscoll, Translator, South Wales

“Unforgettable. I loved the way you can create intimacy in such a large group. I love the way you gently unwrap people to the core so we can all have a look at what’s underneath. You create a safe environment for us all to do that together.”
-Sue Nicholls, Mother, England

“There is something very special about Raun. He is dynamic and charismatic and the way he motivates and creates energy is amazing.”
-Tracey Madine, Air Stewardess, England

“Razor sharp in his mind and wit; vast in his warmth and understanding toward and of others; keen in his enthusiasm and skills of tickling everyone to stretch into their highest potential.”
-Leeza Steindorf, Mentor, Germany

“Raun’s energy overtakes the room. His passion makes me feel and want to listen. It is like a good book that I cannot put down even though I have read it every day of my life. His whole existence amazes me.”
-Sima Hunter, Housewife, England

“Has a knack for making challenges which seem huge less insurmountable.”
-Davina Bannister, Training Manager, UK

“I thought he was excellent. His true respect for people allowed me to benefit from his teachings, and discuss tender subjects without feeling threatened.”
-Nechamie Minkowicz, Educational Director, Fort Myers, FL

“Real and a breath of fresh air.  Loved how he is absolutely no bull----.”
-Robbi Nagel, Advisor, New York, NY

“OMG fan friggin tastic! Insightful, amazing and understanding.”
-Leanne Dole, Housewife, Sydney, Australia

“Excellent. One of the best I’ve heard in my 26 years of NASA Goddard.”
-Claire Parkinson, Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

“Highly informative, challenges contemporary educational thinking.”
-Jim Adams, Aerospace Engineer/Father, Crafton, MD

“Incredible! Amazing to see and hear from someone who has recovered from severe autism.”
-Vicki Van Duyl, Aerospace Engineer, Silver Spring, MD