Cathy Heller
Songwriter, Teacher, and Creator of the Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast

Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, where she’s been motivating thousands of listeners each week to find their true calling. She started out as a singer songwriter and found success licensing her music to TV, Film and Ads. Quickly she became a stand out in her field and was featured in magazines like Billboard, Variety and the LA Weekly. She has spoken to aspiring creatives at UCLA, Berkelee School of Music, The Grammy Museum, The ASCAP Expo and the Billboard Film/TV conference.


Since starting her podcast Cathy’s show has been mentioned in the NY Times and featured several times by Apple themselves. In her quest for the secrets to living a fulfilling life, doing your dream job, she has interviewed creative entrepreneurs like Jonathan Adler, Bobbi Brown, Mandy Moore, Tamara Mellon. Emily Giffin and Gretchen Rubin. She has spoken at Podcast Movement and recently in Brooklyn to a sold out audience at the RL Hotel’s Living Stage. Fan drove many miles to see Cathy speak in person. From Arkansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut. Cathy’s can-do attitude and hands on real life experience and research is helping so many people feel hopeful and excited about what lies ahead. If purpose is the opposite of depression than Cathy is spreading true happiness by lifting others to feel significant and forging a more meaningful life for themselves.

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Cathy's upcoming book will be published by St. Martin's Press in 2019
How to Overcome Fear
What are you scared of the most? Failure? Imperfection? Insecurity? Discomfort? How has it kept you from pursuing your dream? Cathy shares what mindsets and mantras have helped her manage fear throughout her career, how to overcome your anxiety by recognizing your thoughts, and the one thing that’s scarier than dealing with these paralyzing emotions.

How to Start Pursuing Your Dreams
You're inspired to pursue your creative dream - but where the heck do you even begin? Cathy shares the first good habits that will kickstart your success. What do you specifically need to ask yourself? What steps can you make right now? This is the year of no excuses, so stop working for someone else's dream and start taking action to turn your creative passion into a full-time career.

How to Create a Podcast
What do you need to make a good podcast? Why should you even start a podcast? How can the podcast-making process apply to your own creative business? Here you’ll learn what tools and equipment are used for this show, how to find guests and interview them from the comforts of your own home, and how to leverage your content to engage and grow your audience.

How to Find Passion and Purpose
Thoroeu said “The Mass of Men live lives of quiet desperation”. People are so thirsty to find their passion and do work they find meaningful. Cathy thinks the opposite of depression is purpose. Everyone wants to feel purposeful and that they’re contributing something valuable. Cathy will share with you what she's learned from the giants in many fields, who are doing that they love for a living. The time is short and the stakes are high. Cathy encourages audiences to use this precious time wisely and live a life that we are excited to wake up to each day.

How to make a Living Doing What you Love
Cathy reveals the secrets that have transformed her creative career into a success. What advice from other creative minds has inspired her? How did a stranger on a standby flight change her life? What is the biggest excuse that holds people back from achieving their dreams, and how can you get motivated to overcome that? Say goodbye to that 9 to 5 grind, and start making strides towards the career change so you can make money doing what you truly love.

How powerful Grit is and How to cultivate it
What does it take to win an Olympic gold medal? Overcome an addiction? Achieve your most difficult, life-long goals? Cathy takes you through the mindsets that have been proven to cultivate the determination and tenacity that will lift you over any roadblock.

How to Overcome Self Doubt
How to Find your Calling
How to Never work a Day in Your Life
How to License Your Music
How to find balance as a mom entrepreneur
The Secrets to Success from Creative Entrepreneur’s

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