Sheryl Weinstein
Author of Madoff's Other Secret

Sheryl Weinstein is a former CFO of Hadassah and controller of Lincoln Center.  For over twenty years, she has known Bernie Madoff like no one else.


She was a prominent business-woman: smart, connected, successful.  Then she met Bernie Madoff.  Investing money from Hadassah’s coffers into Madoffs fund- and eventually, her life savings as well- Sheryl began an illicit relationship with Madoff that lasted for years. In her memoir Madoff’s Other Secret Sheryl tells her story, filled with personal details, exclusive documents, and intimate secrets, with candor.  The revelations about a man much vilified will capture audiences.

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Madoff's Other Secret
Love, Money, Bernie, and Me
St. Martin's Press

Nobody knew Bernie like I did, and nobody knows about me… Sheryl Weinstein met Bernie Madoff when she was just shy of forty, and went on to have a twenty-year...

Madoff's Other Secret: Weinstein sheds light onto a side of Bernie Madoff that no one else knew, and helps to bring a new perspective to one enigma of one of the great swindlers of all time.

Praise for Madoff's Other Secret

"Sheryl Weinstein... might just be an Emma Bovary for the 21st century... Madoff's Other Secret is a surprisingly good read."
--The Daily Beast