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Marc Levinson

Finance, Economy, and International Business Expert

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Dr. Marc Levinson is a renowned international business expert and journalist who has completed five books on economics and business strategy, including The Great A&P and the Struggle for Small Business in America, The Box, and The Economist Guide to Financial Markets.  Levinson has written articles for leading publications such as Harvard Business Review and Foreign Affairs, worked as a business journalist at Time and Newsweek, and held the position of finance and economics editor at The Economist in London.  In addition to his extensive contribution to business publications, he has advised Congress on transportation and industry issues, served as senior fellow for international business at the Council on Foreign Relations, and consulted various businesses and public agencies.  Dr. Levinson holds master’s degrees at Princeton University and Georgia State University as well as a doctorate from the City University of New York.
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Trade Paperback
Hill and Wang

One of The Wall Street Journal's Best Non fiction Books of 2011. From modest beginnings as a tea shop, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company became the...


The Great A&P and the Struggle for Small Business in America:
Dr. Levinson explores how the once modest tea shop, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, became the largest retailer in the world and how their explosive growth threatened thousands of mom-and-pop grocery stores and the wholesalers who supplied them. In his discussion of A&P’s rise and fall, Levinson speaks on the enduring tension between capitalism and competition in the American economy.




Praise for The Great A&P and the Struggle for Small Business in America “Mr. Levinson has written an absorbing history of one company’s amazing rise—and what such success means in a nation with conflicting ideals about big business. It is more than a rich business history; it is a mirror to our own conflicting wants and visions of who and what we should be.”
The New York Times

“More business books should be so gripping.” 
The Wall Street Journal

“Levinson, who has burrowed deep in the archives, makes this story clear and compelling—and shows why A&P was both a boon to consumers and, in the words of an FDR-era federal prosecutor, ‘a gigantic blood sucker.’ Shades of Walmart?” 
The Atlantic  

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