Jim Schlagheck
Investment Advisor, International Banker, and Acclaimed Author

Jim Schlagheck is an investment advisor to the mega-wealthy, the author of Cash-Rich Retirement, and the co-producer of Retirement Revolution, the public television series on better retirement preparedness. He has held top-level positions with some of the world’s leading financial institutions in the U.S., Switzerland, and the Middle East. His talks, delivered with enthusiasm, insightful visuals and good humor, are top-rated by audiences of yet-to-retire Americans, retirees, as well as financial-service professionals.

Jim foresees even more financial turbulence ahead. Pension underfunding, Boomer demographics, gross public and private-sector indebtedness and disregard for risk, as well as America’s “flip” investment psychology are likely to cause more distress.   Jim’s presentations describe ways to protect and enlarge your savings despite these challenges using the country’s most needed but often misunderstood financial products and tactics:  annuities, mutual funds, fundamental indexes, insurance, and a sure-fire income fixation.

Whether you are already retired, many years away from retirement, or a financial “pro”, Jim’s tips will help you. His talks show how you can repair the investment damage that has already been done and avoid the damage that is coming.

Jim’s public speaking dovetails with the release of his book Cash-Rich Retirement in paperback and the airing of Retirement Revolution, the series he co-produced with public television which is being viewed by an estimated 23 million adult Americans nationwide.

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Invest your money like a millionaire and get sound and secure returns. Cash-Rich Retirement, as seen on the public television series Retirement Revolution,...

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Cash-Rich Retirement: Jim discusses new saving, investing, and mortgage tactics that will strengthen your savings and retirement readiness.
Investing For Our Golden Years: A presentation for investment, pension, financial planning and insurance specialists, addressing the need to rethink the impact of demographics on retirement plans and planning and how we can help people get their retirement savings back on track.