Fred Burton
Intelligence and Counterterrorism Expert, Former State Department Official

Fred Burton is Vice President of Intelligence and Counterterrorism at Stratfor, the largest global private intelligence company and is “one of the world’s foremost experts on security, terrorists and terrorist organizations.”


The former State Department Counter Terrorism deputy chief, Burton was the Special Agent who orchestrated the arrest of Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing. He also conducted the debriefings of the U.S. hostages held in Lebanon; investigated the plane crash which killed President Zia of Pakistan, the U.S. Ambassador, and U.S. Army General; was instrumental in the development of the State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program to target terrorists like Ramzi Yousef and Osama Bin Laden; investigated the assassination of Israeli President Rabin; the killing of Rabbi Meir Kahane; the al-Qaeda New York City bombing plots; the Libyan backed terrorist attacks on Diplomats in Sanaa and Khartoum; and countless other terrorist attacks and threats around-the-globe.


Burton also worked as a police officer in Montgomery County, Maryland and for the U.S. Secret Service.  In 2008, he was appointed to the Texas Border Security Council by Governor Rick Perry and also served as the Assistant-Director of Intelligence and Counterterrorism for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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