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For almost three decades, David Fisher has been writing about an extraordinary variety of subjects, ranging from Mafia hit men to Nobel Prize winning biochemists. He is the author of more than 50 books and has been a frequent contributor to major magazines and newspapers.
He began his professional career as a staff writer for comedienne Joan Rivers’ syndicated talk show, “That Show.” From there he joined Life Magazine, covering primarily sports and youth culture.  He has since written for many notable publications including The New York Times and Sports Illustrated.
He began his free-lance writing career with a children’s biography of Malcolm X. A year later he co-authored his first bestseller, Killer, with ‘Joey Black,’ the first confessional written by a Mafia hit man.  He is among the most highly regarded collaborators in publishing and among the figures with whom he has worked are ‘Joey the Hitman,’ Joseph ‘Donnie Brasco’ Pistone and Bill Bonanno, Terry Bradshaw, Ron Luciano, George Burns, Eddie Fisher, Leslie Nielsen, Ed McMahon, Johnnie Cochran, William Shatner, and Nobel Prize winning biochemist Kary Mullis.His novels and nonfiction works have achieved both commercial success and critical acclaim. He is a well known humorist and among his most successful books are Chicken Poop for the Soul, Legally Correct Fairy Tales and the award-winning Conversations with my Cat, which was a major European bestseller. Among his investigative works are Patient #1, which is in production as an HBO movie, and Hard Evidence, for which he became the only reporter ever granted complete access to the FBI’s famed forensic laboratory.  His novels include The Pack, which was adapted for film, and The War Magician, which is based on one of WWII’s most incredible stories.Fisher’s most recent bestseller is William Shatner’s autobiography, Up Till Now, which was published in May 2008, as was Congressman Robert Wexler’s extremely-well reviewed book, Fire-Breathing Liberal, an insider’s look at the way the House of Representatives functions.

Fisher continues to write prolifically.  Published in 2009 is The Accountant,  Fisher’s collaboration with Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar’s brother, who with his brother led the infamous Medellin drug cartel, telling the whole story of the rise and fall of the most successful criminal in history. Next is Fisher’s collaboration with former Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski, who is the central figure in baseball’s steroid scandal and provided much of the information revealed by Senator George Mitchell in the Mitchell Report. Third (but not last) is Fisher’s collaboration  with Detective Tommy Dades (NYPD ret.), and Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Michael Vecchione, the two men who opened the cold case leading to the indictment and conviction of two highly placed New York City detectives who were moonlighting as Mafia killers. Friends of the Family: The True Story of the Mafia Cops, was published in 2009. The as yet untitled movie has recently been green-lighted for production.
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An Evening with David Fisher: Besides authoring many of his own books, David has worked with some of the most fascinating figures of our time. George Burns. Terry Bradshaw. Johnnie Cochran. William Shatner. ‘Joey the Hit Man.’ He's written with all of them. And in this funny, heartwarming, and fascinating glimpse into the life he's lead collaborating with these greats, Fisher delights audiences with anecdotes (and audio from his interviews) of many of them.

A Writer's Life: David has written for many of the nation's leading publications, has authored some 50 books, and continues to put out major bestsellers. This is his presentation--for writers' groups, universities, and others--about how to make a living as a writer, and how to succeed in the often tumultuous world of publishing. This lecture can be expanded into a longer presentation.



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