Corey Feldman
Film and TV Actor

Corey Feldman is a film and television actor, singer, producer, and father. He is perhaps best known for his roles in such classics as Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, and The Goonies. During his longtime career, he befriended many fellow celebrities including Corey Haim and Michael Jackson, and became a tabloid fixture, propelling him to new heights of fame. Today, he lives in Los Angeles, California, with his son, Zen.

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St. Martin's Press

A deeply personal and revealing memoir and Hollywood-survival story by popular actor and star Corey Feldman.

The Downside of Fame: Though Corey Feldman enjoyed many successes during his longtime career in Hollywood, it came with a price as he struggled with physical, sexual, and substance abuse. Feldman opens up about his past and how he overcame his struggles, taking the audience on a gripping journey that is sure to keep them intrigued.
A Conversation with Corey Feldman: Corey Feldman has met and worked with many famous people during his career. In this fun, entertaining speech, Feldman shares with audiences some of his more memorable moments on and off camera.

Praise for Coreyography
"Corey Feldman's new book is one of the best memoirs I've read all year."
—Whitney Matheson, USA Today

"He narrates in a straightforward, conversational style that spares no details when it comes to darker subject matter...Fans of Feldman and those with an interest in the entertainment industry will appreciate the author's voice and anecdotes while feeling his pain."
—Starred Publishers Weekly Review