Brigit Binns
Prolific Cookbook Author

Brigit Binns is the author and co-author of over twenty cookbooks and editor of many others.  She has helped some of the country’s most respected chefs, including New York’s Michael Psilakis and Los Angeles’ Joachim Splichal, to write their cookbooks.  She’s translated countless complex restaurant recipes into home cook-friendly food.


Brigit lived in Europe for ten years, where she graduated from England’s Tante Marie cooking school, owned her own catering business, and edited the English-language magazine of Spain’s Mediterranean coast.


She’s always entertained as though her life depended on it, and did have a habit of re-inventing the wheel for each dinner party, often with rather unfortunate results. Many of these stories – only amusing in retrospect – are documented in her recent book, The Relaxed Kitchen: How to Entertain with Casual Elegance and Never Lose Your Mind, Incinerate the Souffle, or Murder the Guests.


Because, after three marriages on two continents and dinner party disasters in cities and towns across the globe, she finally learned the truth: cooking great food doesn’t have to be stressful.

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The Relaxed KitchenHow to Entertain with Casual Elegance and Never Lose Your Mind, Incinerate the Soufflé, or Murder the Guests
St. Martin's Press

Brigit's not afraid to admit that she's had plenty of dinner party nightmares because she's learned from her mistakes. In The Relaxed Kitchen, she's here to share some hilarious stories of her failures, her embarrassments and, happily, her triumphs; but, most importantly, she's here to share her hard-won entertaining secrets.

How to Have Fun at Your Own PartyBrigit's musings on entertaining, and how to throw a wonderful, enjoyable party without burning the food. (One tip: have one—and only one—cocktail before the guests arrive).
The Road’s My Middle Name Meaty Musings and Social Commentary from the Highways of America, and Beyond: Brigit's trips across America are legendary, and she shares her delicious stories in this entertaining presentation.

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Praise for The Relaxed Kitchen
"Brigit Binns’s recipes—deliciously inflected with the flavors of Italy, France, North Africa, and Latin America—are immensely friendly and appealing. And so is her writing."
-James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief, Saveur magazine

"It's a trip around the world. It's a trip through life. Not only will The Relaxed Kitchen alter the way you cook; it may just alter the way you think--about food--and about you. Don't miss this one!"
-Linda Ellerbee