Adam Freedman
Author and Commentator

Adam Freedman is one of America’s leading commentators on law and language.  His book, The Party of the First Part (Henry Holt) was hailed by William Safire as “a lighthearted but lucid explanation of legalese.”  Freedman’s witty and insightful commentary has been featured in the New York Times, Slate, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Newsweek International.  A tireless advocate of plain language – and foe of legalese – Freedman was  praised by Publishers Weekly for being “as much reformer as humorist.”


As host of the “Legal Lad” podcast, Freedman reaches approximately 80,000 listeners each month with clever, educational tips on navigating the legal system.  He has been interviewed on National Public Radio, WOR’s Joey Reynolds Show, and other radio programs.


Freedman has been a columnist for the New York Law Journal since 2000.  In addition to writing and speaking activities, he translates legalese into plain English policies and procedures for a major bank.  He is currently working on a book about the Constitution.

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The Party of the First Part
The Curious World of Legalese
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A “lighthearted but lucid explanation of legalese” that offers something for language lovers and legal eagles alike (William Safire, The New York Times...

The Curious World of Legalese: In this eye-opening lecture, Freedman explains how legal language drifted away from the English language – and what can be done about it. Audiences will learn about the “plain language” crusade to banish legalese.
Founding Phrases: American history begins with our sacred parchments: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. But these documents are not abstract statements of philosophy; they are legal documents built on English and American precedents. In this fascinating presentation, Freedman explores the state of legal language at the birth of the republic.
Shakespeare and the Law: The wealth of legal terminology in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets has led many to conclude that Shakespeare was himself a lawyer, or at least trained in the law. In this entertaining and original lecture, Freedman explores the legal allusions in the bard’s works.
Communicating in Plain English: Legalese, officialese, and bureaucratese can stifle an organization and decrease productivity. Freedman provides practical advice for organizations that want to get to the point, with clear, concise communication.

Praise for The Party of the First Part
"A lighthearted but lucid explanation of legalese."
—William Safire, The New York Times

“If you ever wanted to go to law school but thought it would be painful and dull, you were right. Fortunately, Adam Freedman's wit and insight will give you in an afternoon what you need to navigate a lawyered-up world—and more laughs than you'd find in class, too.”
—Kermit Roosevelt, Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School and author of In the Shadow of the Law

“A gem of a book: bright, lucid, and compelling. I found myself laughing out loud, and wondering why lawyers can’t just eat their torts and go home.”
—Cameron Stracher, author of Double Billing and publisher of the New York Law School Law Review